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About CaseyLJones

Hi I'm Casey Lyn Jones

You probably have seen me and my artworks on DeviantArt or FurAffinity and maybe Weasyl


I'm just a simple guy that like to draw big buff furry males (and sometime Females) characters and I'm in need of some extra cash to keep up on my bill payments and other needs. so I thought Patreon would help me with that.

What my plans for Patreon?

I always wanted to live off making artworks and comics so I'm hoping Patreon will help me with that.

Commission Rewards

I'm going to offers monthly single character commission option in the rewards they are completely optional so you don't have to commission me every month or you just want to support me x amount per month without getting any commission from me that totally fine with me as well.

Anyways you only get one commission per month if you want to commission me for one just send me a message here or a FA/DA note or to my Email here [email protected] with the details and references on what you want.

Final Note

I do work a full time job (8+ hours a day 5 days a week sometime 6 or 7 day a week) so there will be time where I won't be active or won't be able to post any new artworks or comics for few days or weeks (or maybe months pending) so please keep that in mind. Maybe if this go well and I'm getting enough money to live on I probably would be able to quite my job and be able to make artworks and comic full time but for now I'll do my best to post something new here on a regular basic.

well here hoping for the best I'll appreciate any support you could give me and I'll do my best to give you all the muscly buff pin-ups and comic goodness you'll like. 

$58.44 of $500 per month
this will be more then enough to keep up on my bill payments and then some
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