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About Casey McDonald

Welcome to the official Toll of the Lost Patreon Page!

Toll of the Lost is an episodic fantasy series about the adventures of "Valdoros", a golden Dragon who was exiled centuries ago from his kind. Accompanied by a pair of travelling treasure hunters and a sinister, magical book, Valdoros finds his wits tested as he's plunged, often unwillingly, into saving his people, and others, across the multitudes of civilizations that inhabit their world.

In my own personal words, I have a love for fantasy and science fiction movies and video games. I've always been a massive dork, but I've always felt that there's an imbalance in the representation of either genre. My goal with Toll of the Lost, is to help rectify that and present something that shows fantasy doesn't always need to be about Orcs and Elves.
Taking strong inspiration from shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek and Sherlock, I wanted to make a fantasy world with it's own consistent science, about a character who solves problems by bucking societal norms and out-thinking his enemies.
Valdoros, being a Dragon who often disguises himself as a person, is probably never exactly what you expect.
His companions are 'Louis Legrande' and 'Kaskara', an eccentric explorer and a battleaxe wielding woman

I'm keeping the pledge tiers relatively low, because I make this show from the heart, and like Valdoros himself, I'm going sort of against the grain in what it means to produce a web-series. I want to surprise audiences, and bring something fairly unique to the table!
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I like to have a close relationship with my fans and community, and streaming is part of that. Although I tend to stream fairly regularly anyway, I'm setting this goal to dictate regular streams on some kind of a schedule that I will adhere to (to the best of my ability) This could be something like 4-5 days out of the week I will always stream at a set time, etc. (I changed this goal from 20 to 50, so it's tied to the cost of materials per month)
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