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Friends will be given a named credit on my website under the Thank You section.

Ability to vote in polls.

Friends will also be given a role of "Friend" on the Discord Server.
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Supporters get all of the benefits of the friend tier plus:

Access beta version of plugins-in-development and can provide feedback/suggestions which may make it into the final version.

Beta versions are considered far enough along in the development process to where they are reasonably stable and complete, but may be missing some minor features or have some bugs.

You will also be able to add a character to the RPG Maker MZ Academy basement.
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Influencers get all of the benefits of the previous reward tiers plus:

Influencers gain access to alpha versions of plugins-in-development and can provide feedback/suggestions which may make it into the final version.

Alpha versions can range anywhere from barely started to nearly feature complete. Once the alpha plugin is considered mostly feature complete, it will enter the beta stage which focuses on testing and optimization. Feedback from alpha plugins is more likely to make it into the final plugin, such as feature requests.
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About Casper Gaming

Hello friends, I am Casper Gaming.

Some of you who used VX Ace may remember me by my CSCA engine. I have been active in the RPG Maker community for a while now, going all the way back to RPG Maker VX. I took a break after creating many resources, most of them being part of the CSCA engine which contained popular scripts such as an encyclopedia/bestiary, achievements, professions, crafting, gathering quests, dungeon tools (bomb, hookshot, etc.) and many more. Unfortunately, life got more busy as I started university/work and eventually I had to make the tough choice to step away for a while.

Well, I would like to announce that I am finally back to the RPG Maker scene and ready to pick up where I left off - creating tons and tons of Plugins for everyone in the community to enjoy!

Two things I have always loved are creating things and helping others, so I knew I would eventually be back to RPG Maker as it allows me to live my dream through creating resources which help you make your games better. These resources will be completely free for all users. If you choose to become a patron, even for just a dollar, it will allow me to continue putting more and more effort into what I do.

I'm still in the process of setting everything up, so please stay tuned for updates. Things I have planned are updating CSCA scripts to work with MV, and then creating more and more MV exclusive plugins to grow the CGMV engine.
$170.08 of $500 per month
Reaching this goal will allow me to purchase some tools to make my plugins and website higher quality.
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