Cass Morris is creating epic fantasy novels and other SFF stories.

Aventan Citizenship

$1 /mo
A reward that any auxiliary would lust for: the Aventan citizenship! This pledge level gets you my very great thanks and access to the patrons-only update feed, where you'll be the first to hear al...


$3 /mo
The patricians are a cut above the common rabble, so this pledge level additionally gets access to microfiction and short stories, including the weekly Mages of Aven series, where I'm expanding the...


$7 /mo
The hallowed halls of the Curia bear witness to learned discourse, masterful rhetoric, and civic debate. At least that’s the idea. In the spirit of the Republic, pledging at this level gives you ac...


$15 /mo
The aediles are responsible for much within the walls of Aven -- building codes, the grain dole, but perhaps most importantly, the games! In their spirit of entertainment and oversight, if you pled...


$25 /mo
The praetors are the governors who get a lot of the real work of Aven done. Pledge at this level, in addition to all the previous rewards, you'll also get a 10-card tarot reading that I've...


$50 /mo
The pinnacle of the cursus honorum, the consuls are responsible for governing the Senate and setting the overall motion of the city. If you pledge at this level, I will mention you in my next book'...