Cassidy Ward is creating Stories

Monthly Short Story

$1 /creation
You'll get a monthly short story delivered digitally. These stories may appear in print down the road, but you'll get them here first. 

Novel Chapters

$5 /creation
In addition to the monthly short story, each month you'll receive a chapter of the novel I'm currently working on. These will be novels I'm polishing for release but you'll get the story well in ad...

Print Books and Acknowledgement

$10 /creation
You get everything above, plus a signed copy of any novels or short story anthologies I release, as well as your name included in the acknowledgements.

Custom Flash Fiction

$20 /creation
Maybe you want to be the captain of your own starship. Maybe you want a story about your kid saving the Netherverse from mechanically enhanced squid. Whatever it is, this is your chance to get cust...