Castwave Studios are creating Podcasts, Webcasts and Short Film

Voice ACTING!!!

$5 /mo
We have voice actors, we'll leave a message or prank call someone for you.

Thank You Video!

$5 /mo
Previous tier, plus we'll record a video thanking you over YouTube! We'll never be able to take it back.

A nice card and a sticker!

$10 /mo
Previous tier, plus a thank you card and Castwave logo sticker!


$20 /mo
Previous tiers, plus we'll do a quick skit based on a suggestion from you and upload it to YouTube!

Arts & Crafts

$40 /mo
Previous tiers, plus we will draw you like one of our French Girls. No, but seriously, we will commission a piece of digital art based on your suggestion.

Everything...and a poster!

$65 /mo
All previous tiers and a sweet Castwave poster signed by all the members of the studio!

Happy Little Trees.

$100 /mo
All previous tiers, plus we'll channel our inner Bob Ross and paint you something...don't know what. It'll be nice, though.


$150 /mo
All previous tiers, plus we'll dedicate an episode to a person of your choice. No, seriously.

A Saucy Reading

$250 /mo
All previous tiers, plus we'll record you something...saucy. Choose something...anything and we'll read it in the most soulful, sultry voice we can.

Date Night

$500 /mo
All previous tiers, plus we'll take you out. Don't worry girl, we'll treat you right. We'll also post your name on a banner on the front page for being so kewl.

Dedication Part 2

$1,000 /mo
All previous tiers, plus we'll name the studio room after you. The intro to every Castwave show will list as being recorded in that room. Your name will live on in internetainment forever!