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About Casual Eclectica by D.A. Stanley

Welcome to Casual Eclectica!

Welcome to Casual Eclectica, the creative home of me, D.A. Stanley!  My goal in life is to experience all that I possibly can. Along the way, I feel like I have so much I can share with all of you! I set up this Patreon account to aid in this and perhaps open more avenues (with your support) to explore and experience this world.

I am uploading and updating content regularly so be sure to follow, like, share, and pledge to help keep the flow going.

Essentially, I see anything wonderful, I snap or film it and sometimes even write a bit. I try to use very little filter and editing so as to keep the natural beauty alive in the picture or video.

Recently I have even started adding some original poetry to some pieces. I also launched Casual Eclectica, my new blog site! Prints of all higher quality photos are available for sale by request(email or direct message me) or via DeviantArt. I also submit much of my content a variety of platforms as well as use several popular sites for communication and marketing purposes. Here is an updated list:

Please follow, share, subscribe, contribute, and like all of them!

I hope you enjoy!

As a Patron of my work, you are contributing to the ongoing supply of beautiful, meaningful, and unique photo, film and writing that I hope to continue to provide.

Armed currently with a Stylus TOUGH TG-4 Digital Camera from Olympus and an LG G6 cameraphone , I am making adventures and sharing them with all of you!

For just 1 dollar a month (less than 4 cents a day!) you can help support this collection of captured moments in our world...even your likes and shares are appreciated and valued.

Thank you, and may beauty and adventure be in your lives!
~Astartes, Casual Eclectica

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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