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* SEE THE NEWEST PAGES RIGHT AS THEY'RE FINISHED. You don't have to wait for the regular update days, YOU get to see the pages right after they're freed from the time goo.

* YOUR NAME IS ADDED TO THE WEBSITE'S SUPPORTERS PAGE. You can choose to give yourself a silly "space" name, have me give you one, or just provide a regular name if you're willing to risk making me look professional. Whatever you may choose, you'll get to keep your spot there forever! Unless you like, want to be taken off. Or if you do a really bad crime.

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* SEE THUMBNAILS OF UNRELEASED PAGES. Your glimpses into the future are even more powerful! You'll be getting sneak peaks of the thumbnails for the pages beyond those that are finished!

* 20% DISCOUNT ON COMMISSIONS. Patrons of this tier get 1/5 off the total price of anything they commission from me for as long as they are supporters!

* A CHARACTER CAMEO. You get to have one of your characters appear in my story (or just a version of yourself that's a cat person/alien!) You or your character shall become a permanent, canon part of my universe forever. 




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About CatComixzStudios

Hello! I'm Gage, though you may also know my as CatComixzStudios around the internet!

I've been making comics on and off for a long, long time now. With the start of my newest series, Key to the Future's Fate, I've become dedicated to making them (or at least KttFF specifically). Unfamiliar with my comic? Let me tell you about it.

Leon Candel, a young prodigy (or so he’d have you believe), finds himself kidnapped and brought to the future. There, he learns that two feuding groups (of his own creation) are counting on him to turn the world into a paradise.

KttFF is an all-ages, solarpunk comedy adventure. It follows Leon Candel through a beautiful world that hides many mysteries. What isn’t hidden, however, is a cast of funny characters who try their best to find answers for the aforementioned mysteries.

The comic will, under normal circumstances, update every week (or every other week) on Thursdays. Key to the Future's Fate is always going to be free to read. With that said, though, being able to make some income from my passion project AND providing little rewards to particularly generous readers would warm my heart.

So if you want to support me and the comic, this is the best way to do so! I want to thank you all in advance for whatever aid you provide, whether it be monetarily or strictly emotionally. It all helps, believe me.
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