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Hello and thank you!

My name is Dave. My previous works (all found via my personal site umop.com) include "The Packrat" comic strip for Keyboard Magazine, "Retarded Animal Babies" animated adult webtoons, and the 'Weird Al' Yankovic music video "Virus Alert." There's also a YouTube channel out there called "hamsterdunce" with around 3,000 subscribers waiting impatiently for another synthesizer demo. I've found myself sidetracked by quite a few ridiculous things over the last few years, but I've finally got myself together and started Photoshopping cats with energy beams coming out of their eyes.

On July 30th 2016, I began my latest artistic adventure, "CAT LAZERS!" It is a sassy Facebook page featuring daily images of user-submitted pictures of cats which I moronically eviscerate in Photoshop. The result could be a cat starting a forest fire, or destroying a city a la Catzilla, or scorching a large chunk of the galaxy. Whatever's funniest.

It all started one day when my friend Cole proudly posted a picture of his cat. It had horrendously glowing eyes in the picture, and I decided to have some fun by Photoshopping it destroying a city with those powerful retinas... the very first LAZER CAT. The response was strong enough to make me want to try a few more, and before long I had started up the now-glorious CAT LAZERS Facebook page for the whole world to "enjoy."

Its ranks are growing, and my very real mathematical estimates arrive unfailingly at a CAT LAZERS FEATURE FILM arriving in your local IMAX theater by 2022. Save the date! In the meantime, I can't build this mighty empire of cats and lazers (and maybe a few other surprises along the way) without your support. Commissioned works are planned, as well as whorish merchandising, but if you take a moment to subscribe here on Patreon and join the growing ranks of SUPER LAZERIANS, your patronage will be personally rewarded!

If you're not already a Patreon member, it takes about 14 seconds to sign up through Facebook. Once you've done that, take another 9 seconds to select any amount you want to contribute every month (and you can set a max, just in case you become drunk with generosity and risk bankruptcy). You can be a vanguard supporter of my new venture before the rest of the world, and tell all your friends how ridiculously cool you are because of that.

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Once this goal is met, there will be 10 new CAT LAZERS posts every week, with a weekly Facebook live videocast of a CAT LAZER image being created!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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