is creating graphic novels, mostly known for HEAD HELD HIGH: TRAVELER

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New HHH: TRAVELER episode!
per creation
 "Shut up and take my credits!" 
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EN: New episode of HEAD HELD HIGH: TRAVELER every $3 reach!

RU: Новый эпизод HEAD HELD HIGH: TRAVELER за каждые $3.
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Become a official CATAE Patron!
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EN: You're now our men! Be proud!

RU: Теперь ты наш человек! Можешь этим гордиться!

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Your own character in HEAD HELD HIGH!
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"I'm in the comics!"

EN: Our monkey will create your own character in HEAD HELD HIGH graphic novels!

RU: Наши мартышки сделают твоего героя персонажем в романах HEAD HELD HIGH!

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Series of graphic novels such as HEAD HELD HIGH, HHH: TRAVELER, KADAE, XLABS, Blueprints and many other. See for details.
$0 of $2,000 per creation

For the 2000 bucks monkeys will work hard and will release full season of Catae Comic with HEAD HELD HIGH: TRAVELER and other graphic novels in the pack.

RU: За 2000 баксов мартышки будут вкалывать как рабы на галерах, чтобы выпустить целый сезон Catae Comic с HEAD HELD HIGH: TRAVELER и другими графическими романами в сборнике.
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