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Sketch n Riff

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Samples of upcoming comics and blog access - I'll blog what's going on, where, when, how and with whom and add a sketch or two. You'll also have a sneak peek into the upcoming music projects.  Great intro to what I'm about, and previews of what I'll be doing that's more than 2d related. (Yes, photos of dog included!) Kind of like visiting me at an artist's table at a Comic Con, without popping up in Cosplay. (although, by all means, wear what makes you happy)
OH, and hey- YOU are in my liner notes!

Demos and Doodles

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Patreon only access to demos of music projects.  Also, you'll get lyrics that won't be available to the general public, some are PG13, so please keep this in mind.  This tier also gives the Doing Pennants blog, which is a bit more intense than the   Sketch & Riff blog, and includes a little more personal insight into life, liberty, and the pursuit of happy meals.  This level also gives glimpses into the next tier. Stage Rage.

Stage Rage!

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You get the thingamablobs from the first two tiers, and you'll also get completed songs, plus a few comic books in the works. You'll get rough drafts of actual books that will be published in the unreal world- kind of like your own personal pull list of comics, art and music. It's the same price as a large cup of coffee- once a month- to get up to 8 actual produced pieces. 

I won't lie- once a month may not happen but you may get 3 thingamablobs in one month later on. Just keeping it at a level that allows those who want a better quality to have it, and those who can't afford a full year of BIG items can still get some really great things.  

Taking a cue from several of the people I've met here, this is also my webchat tier. Four times a year, you and I can say howdy in a group setting and talk about art and music and things that matter. This is more of Let's get to hang - which is a lead in to the BIG jump up into the "HEY, Wasserface!" tier. 




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About Red Pennants - Cathe B

First, thanks for coming in and seeing that people enjoy my work, and will do my best to make you feel you're getting worthwhile efforts on my part.  As a patron of others here, I'm glad to be able to give back to the community in a different way. With me you don't JUST get a song, or JUST get art- you get music, blogs, videos, art, performances, words, and a whole lot of creative endeavors I will gladly share to you.

So who am I? As a child, I promised myself never to live a boring life. That is certainly a promise I have kept.  I'm originally Boston born, studied at Mass College of Art, then moved off to California where I fit in well. I was led to California Institute of the Arts, where I found "my people"- peers like Eddie Ruscha, Pete Docter, Steve Hillenberg and many amazingly brilliant artists whom you may or may not have heard of before- but who still inspire me daily. Got married a few times, got divorced a few times.. okay 3 times... but the last marriage- and I mean LAST marriage- was to Mike Jones, the jazz pianist guru who is the music director for Penn & Teller. We were together 12 years, and although the marriage didn't last, the lessons of life have. 

What artsy stuff makes me? I started off as an actor/performance artist, doing shows in 12 states, and in all kinds of ways.  (Dance, music,  experimental and traditional theater, improv & comedy) I did work as a stand up comedian, and still do that, for a majority of my adult life. (My ass and mouth are equally smart, and sometimes just as large as each other.) I worked with Second City Santa Monica, (now defunct), with ComedySportz- Detroit, and in Las Vegas (What??!) as a headliner. 

Because my singing voice is a blend of Debbie Harry and Karen Carpenter, I've been fortunate to sing on several albums of my own and for others. I also play drums, guitars, (bass, acoustic, and a really cheezy student electric, which I love), uke, keys, and you can sometimes hear me harmonica-ing. My music is inspired by Parliament, Motown, Queen, Kate Bush, and songwriting people like Chris Cornell, Laura Nyro, Stevie Wonder and Arlo Guthrie. It doesn't have ONE set sound. I listen to everything from Bulgarian Women's Folk Choir to Marvin Gaye to every indie band I can- always inspiring. Some of my favorite musicians are the buskers in subways.But, I can long hair at symphonies in a NY minute.

Then, I'm known as a writer. I published my first piece at the tender age of 7 in the Boston Herald American, and have not stop publishing poetry, prose, lyrics, comedy novels, and even a Godless Grief book, that is currently in rewrites, but still available, *free if you email me*.  And, surprisingly, as a comic writer, I've never really been a comic fan until I started reading Terry Moore's works, and Gail Simone's writing. Then I started reading R Crumb, Terry Hatchett, and Neil Gaiman, and I discovered kindred spirits doing animation with the written words- it was an easy way to fall into art. 

Meet me in person? Just last night was told, "you always are so up and positive!". Yeah, that's because when I'm not on stage, I'm pretty reclusive and in the mode of either hanging with other art folk, or hiding in the cubby I call home- a music/art studio in the San Francisco Bay area with a dog, cat and amazingly kind wonderful awesome housemates- Juggler and Comedian Scotty Meltzer and earth momma, cat momma, and stunningly talented illustrator Kat Meltzer. In public - I call it "show time", so I don't bring a lot of heavy into the world. In private, I battle DC, and hold my own with life, liberty and the pursuit of happy meals. I don't get angry, I get motivated.

As Patron, I'm a patreon-monger. I love the art of those I've met here via their works. I've met so many in the unreal world and find that sharing the creative bliss of nothing is ever right until it's left overs, makes for a great playground. Find me in a bus stop and I'll busk, find me in a gallery and I'll dance. Find me at the beach, and I'll be in a wetsuit and looking like the creature from the black lagoon. I live a "why not" life, and I hope you will walk with me through this mad -hattersville. AND thanks goes to Amanda F*n Palmer and Miko Tolliver for getting me onto this platform! (Merci, merci - me!)

(The video features one of my songs, some of my art, a lot of my photography-and my mini-muses- the critters, Claude Kitty and Trixie the Terrier.  WAIT new edition,. Kaepernick kitty.)
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Patron ONLY weekly webchat. One hour a week, I will put out an update in a webchat open to all of the Pennantiers. This will be a red-meets-you party, where we can grow as a community and get to learn more about each other. 
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