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Hey I'm catnip! I'm a multidisciplinary artist from the Sunshine Coast of Canada, and I've got dreams of spreading my art worldwide through muralism, contemporary artworks, comics, videos, clothing, events, sculpture and pretty much any medium I can harness. I love what i do, and I've been doing it my whole life. When I was a child I first wanted to be batman when I grew up, but noone believed I could do that. "Batmans not real" they said... so then I started making art, as a way to zone in on something.. so then I started telling everyone I would be an artist, since they were always so persistent in knowing my future. The majority of the responses were the average, "sure but you cant make a living with art, what will you do as a job?" Hmmm young me was very confused by the world.
Nowadays noone asks me what I will do when I'm older. Partly because I'm older, and partly because I've somehow proved that I could make a living making art.
catnip, batman, what's the difference
My journey is still just beginning, as my dreams and hopes transcend any medium into the process of world peace and building strong together communities through the power of creation. 
This little into is a placeholder until I think of something better to write here. Thanks for listening!
I'm setting up this patreon because I've reached a level where the opportunities to do large scale projects for free for the community I'm a part of has arisen, and I would love to be able to do that. 
With your support I intend to expand the access of the arts to lower income places and people, and to demonstrate that public art and an engaged community truly can change the aspects of the world that seem "heavy" and turn them into Light.

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