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Everyday Slay Basics
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This tier includes:

- weekly tutorials

-advice on proper skincare makeup techniques and tools

Pronto Beat
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The "Pronto Beat" is for women who don't have time to sit in a mirror for an hour a day to beat that mug. 

What you get:

-1 hour video consultation 

-product and tool recommendations

-basic skincare assessment 

-skin care recommendations

Product Junkie
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This tier will receive a full size beauty or skincare product from my personal brand. Examples of products include but are not limited to:




-eye cream

-lip scrub 

-cosmetic glitter

-mink lashes

-professional grade brush (es)




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About Catwalkfierce Makeup & Skin

Hi! My name is Shakeeta and I am a makeup artist based in the Twin Cities.

I have been doing makeup for 8 years and skincare for a year.

I am passionate about helping women find their signature look, perfect it, and transition it from daytime to night...with minimal products and tools!

Join me and find your signature look and learn a few things along the way!!! 

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