Cecils Pride is creating Exposing Hunters and Standing up for the Animal Kingdom

$1 /mo
Pledge 1 dollar per month as a way of saying "I want to support this thing but not in a way that financially inconveniences me." Backers at this level get the rights to...

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Lion Cub:
Now we're making serious dents in the costs of keeping this movement going. You'll receive a shoutout on social media.

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Adolescent Lion:
We appreciate your support at this level. We will be sending you a Cecil wristband to show you our appreciation.

$100 /mo
By supporting us at this level, you are keeping Cecil's Pride going and to celebrate your contribution, we will send Walter Palmer a nasty glitter bomb surprise wi...

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Alpha Lion/Lioness:
You are the Alpha Lion/Lioness and we will give you a huge shoutout on every newsletter. Just like how the Alpha Lion hangs out like a boss while the other l...