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About Celeste The Therapist


My name is Celeste Viciere and I am a therapist.  My last name is to hard to pronounce so I decided to call myself  'Celeste The Therapist' I have been live streaming for 3 years and wanted to create my own platform where I had complete control.  This platform is for people who are feeling stuck in life and looking to switch their perspective from negative to positive. If you join my network, you will get live videos from me, talking about my journey as a start a new book and continue to grow my podcast.  I will take you along this journey with me:-) . 

I literally pay for all of my podcasting promotions and have done so since the beginning.  This account will help offset the cost and allow me to bring you much more content. 

Your support will allow me to continue to grow my podcast and help break down the stigma that exists in our society.

I have added two tiers with limited space to provide weekly and monthly 20 min check in's for a low fee.

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