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About Celia Farran

Thank You For Being Here! 

Thank you for believing in, supporting, & empowering me to create content that makes a difference.  I am SO grateful for your support.  And let me tell you a little secret:  YOU are the reason I do this.  Because without connection to YOU this road would be an empty, long, & lonely journey.  Knowing that I am creating for YOU & that it lands & makes a difference in your world makes it ALL worthwhile.   I’m really glad you are here.

Hi,  I’m Celia Farran and welcome to my Patreon Page.  I am a "Creatrix", Singer/Songwriter, Looping Artist, Producer, Recording Artist, Comedienne, Touring Musician, Sound Healer, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Born Entertainer, & “Bard to the Bone”.  I have been sharing my musical/comedy expressions full time now for over 17 years.  And what an awesome ride it has been!

"Patreon Freedom Page"

I’ve decided to call this Patreon Page my “Freedom Page” for two reasons.  The first is that one of the underlying theme of my creations is Freedom.  To quote my “Lady Liberty” song: 

Freedom to Worship as We Choose.  
Freedom to Love Who We Please.  
To be Told the Truth. 
o feel Safe, Secure, & Free. 
Freedom to Raise Our Voice for Human Dignity. 
To Treat Our Bodies as Our Choice & Feed our Families.”

And to quote lyrics from my “I Will Not” song:  

“I Will Not Waste My Breath on Talking Small.  
I Dedicate My Voice to the Love of it ALL.  
And I Still Believe in Love & Peace.  
And I Have Given My Whole Life to This Dream!” 

If you don’t know me & my work yet I hope these lyrics speak for themselves & give you at least a small sense of my message & what I am about. (I’m also known for doing funny stuff. I love to mix up the silly & the sacred to crack the heart wide open & tickle the funny bone.)

How Your Contribution Matters.

The second reason I’m calling this my “Patreon Freedom Page” is because with the support of people like you I can create the financial freedom to take my creative endeavors to a whole new level.  I won’t blow smoke up your Kilt and tell you that choosing the life of a full time artist has been easy.  But I will say that it has been deeply rewarding.  One of the biggest benefits to choosing to be an entertainer & creative artist is all the AMAZING people that I meet.  Many of my fans become friends.  I am SO blessed by my awesome Community!  So, now I am opening up the opportunity for my fans to step up from being observers to becoming participants in “Tribe Celia”.  When you choose to support as a Patron you become an important contributor to the work I am doing and in return……. there are exclusive Patron rewards.  (For more details click on the “Become a Patron” button on the upper right corner of my Patreon Page.)  With your monthly contributions I will focus on what I am TRULY good at…. Serving thru Creating. 

Thanks to you I will have more time to produce my mystical, medicinal, & mirthful creations & make the world a better place - one song at a time.  I will be empowered to put my creative endeavors in the forefront & enlist the help of folks who are really good at the other stuff (business end of the music business) to do what THEY do best and what THEY so dearly want to do.  Your monthly contributions will provide me with the time and space to offer YOU and the WORLD more music/comedy/creations that are Uplifting, Positive, Playful & Fun!  

ALL Support is Welcomed!

I realize that not everyone in our Tribe is in a position to commit to giving money each month.  I REALLY understand that.  I also am aware that you may want to help.  A very important part of this project is spreading the word:  Telling friends about the work, sharing the music, letting people know about the live & on-line concerts & inviting people to visit this Patreon site will be a huge help in moving us forward.  I thank you in advance for being willing to help the Tribe grow.  We have so much to explore. I hope you say YES to our amazing creative journey together.

Musically & Mirthfully Yours,

Celia Farran

53% complete
When we reach this goal I will be able to come off the road and have a home base.  I have been Homeless or rather  "Home-Free" for over 2 years now.  The challenges of creating while constantly on the move are endless.  It is time for me to have a home base again so I can be more effective as a Creatrix for you!  This Traveling Bad-Ass Bard-Ess Needs a home.
Thank you so much for your support!

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