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About Travis Johnson

For over a decade now I've been working as a film critic. My reviews, interviews and essays have been published in FILMINK, RealTime and, of course, X-Press Magazine, where I was the Local Music & Arts Editor for three years. Then I became News Editor and main contributor for Filmink in Sydney. And now I'm freelance, with my work appearing at MoviesThe Guardian, in the pages of Empire Australia, and more. 

Celluloid And Whiskey began as a blog to collate my published work, as well as an avenue to publish longer, more thoughtful reviews and think-pieces. It's now a kind of catch-all clearing house of reviews, including new films and older material I'm archiving for posterity.

Now, as a site, Celluloid and Whiskey is no longer my main gig. This here is a side hustle, but I think it's a useful and valuable one. Essentially, my patrons get all my published work emailed to them, as published, plus all the reviews I write for the C&W site. It's an easy and cheap way to collate almost all my work, barring print-exclusive stuff. If you enjoy my writing and want to help keep me in beer and blu rays, please consider chipping in a buck or two.
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