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About Celtic Swan

Hello All~

This page is dedicated to working towards my goal of being a full time artist.  I am currently working full time while I draw in the evenings. My hope is to be able to go to art school. All funds here will go towards progressing my career as a self employed artist. My current goal is to be enrolled by the fall of 2019!

The supporters on this page are more than just patrons, you are family. When you offer your support out to me, I will do everything in my power to return the favor, and to talk with all of you, and be open to all suggestions and comments. I don't believe in keeping distance from the kind hearts out there enjoying my work. You guys are a huge part of why I draw.

So you have entered the wonderful art family of Laura and The Crazy Cats!

My three boys Mr. Tilney, Pippin Mischievous Took, and Magnus are also here to make guest appearances in live streams, photo ops, and are just as happy for your support, because it means their mommy gets to be a happier person, pursuing her dreams and doing what she loves best.

Welcome to the family everyone!

Thank you so much!
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