Celtic Swan is creating Illustrations

Team Kitten

$1 /mo
You will get access to all patron exclusive streams and giveaways

Kitty Support

$5 /mo
You will get a sneak peak of all comic pages a day before release. 

Pippin's Bro

$10 /mo
One Sketch of any of my characters!

Tilney's Hero

$15 /mo
All of the above, plus a flat color of a character of mine you choose!

My Hero

$20 /mo
You will get a page a week in advance of all comic projects and special character design sneak peeks.

Super Cat Supporter

$30 /mo
All of the above, and the flat color is upgraded to a full color+shade drawing of your choosing. 

Dream Team

$50 /mo
Choice of any character you like drawn in a specific outfit or hat! (non-NSFW)

Team SwanFamily

$100 /mo
All of the above, plus a signed copy of my sketchbook, a bookmark, and a personal one-on-one livestream.

The Art Support Knight

$150 /mo
All of the above, and character of your choice t-shirt

Art Support Master

$200 /mo
All of the above, three signed and colored unreleased pieces of art and a skypecall with me.