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About Dani Ashes

About Cemetery Confessions:

For the last 7 years we've been cultivating a space for community, information, and entertainment within goth that doesn't exist in quite the same way anywhere else. It's been a tremendous undertaking that has been worth every sleepless night. 

Cemetery Confessions is a podcast built for you. Each episode we discuss news related to the goth experience with a different guest, exploring the history, music, literature, fashion and community of the culture. We also feature interviews with artists and academics, album, book and movie reviews, debates, drama and more! 

Pledging to support our show is a pledge to support and further the goth community at large.  We are here to commiserate with and unite the culture, to be a sanctuary for those that have none.

Cemetery Confessions has been running on a monthly basis since February 2014. There are still lots of areas to expand and improve the show, but to do that we need your support.

What Will We Do With Your Money: 

We will start by building out and expanding on existing content for everyone! We will be able to maintain and improve our equipment, attract bigger guests for the show, provide more video content from the podcast, create surprise bonus episodes and expand into other areas of our community. The patreon members also provide the stability and safety for the massive amount of time and effort away from our families that the show requires.

WE HAVE ALREADY MOVED OUR SHOW FROM MONTHLY TO BI-WEEKLY!  We've also built the most welcoming and friendly online goth community you can find in our discord server, we've created exclusive merch, started to raffle off that merch to patreon members, begun making exclusive live streams, special video content and a lot more without the need to take on advertisers. This was only possible because of the support you have already given us! The increase in content is only sustainable with your help!


See the right side of this page for the rewards you will get automatically, and the left side for rewards you'll get as we reach certain goals. These include everything from physical items (T-shirts, mugs, pillows et), to live streams, to a personal call from the hosts!

All of your help is GREATLY appreciated, and even if you are unable to pledge, remember that just sharing the podcast (which will always remain free) with your friends is more than enough.

Have Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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If we are able to reach this level, we will increase the video hangouts to bi-annual community events! We will also launch a merch store exclusive for patreon!
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