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About César Vargas

Hola pueblo,

First, I'd like to thank you for being ardent supporters and friends of my digital presence. I've been asked several times to create my own online platform, show, podcast... These are my attempts at doing so. 

I am combining two efforts here: On the Road to Consciousness and my own personal website, www.cesarvargas365.com in which I will be writing intimate stories and about current events, but in the same vein as enlightening ourselves with new, accurate information that comes in good faith.

Creating video content is a hell of a lot more tedious and time-consuming, but I've been putting them out by myself: from concept to execution (writing, shooting, starring, editing, and promoting). It might take some time for one video to come out, but they will continue to come along with my essays that I've been consistently churning out for the last few weeks. You all know I post a lot of these thoughts through my social networks. Thoughts that took hours on end of reading studies, of staying informed, of living in the belly of the beast for them to be formed and then having the courage to share them with you all. That costs money and relationships. That comes at the expense of getting uninvited and deplatformed. If we really had a society in which Latinx voices had equal footing, this Patreon wouldn't exist. I'm one of a handful of souls raging against the machine, but from an informed and righteous place. Most of you know me and know this. 

This is why independent voices are highly important, more so, I dare say, than mainstream ones that tend to mislead us and usually answer to the corporations that are funding them. Corporations that care more about the bottom line than lives. There are no strings on me. I only answer to you. That also, unfortunately, requires funding. 

Of course, and like I always say, there are no obligations. If you can't help financially, sharing the work I put out also helps tremendously. If you can afford $5, $10, $15 bucks per month like many of you have already contributed, by all means, become a patron. I can only do this work with your support. 

Both with www.cesarvargas365.com and On The Road to Consciousness.

On the Road to Consciousness is a series of car and ground interviews with marketing, social media, corporate, artistic, philanthropic, and educational connoisseurs with the occasional lighthearted commentary. The short interviews are in the same vein as Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Carpool Karaoke, and The Young Turks with a “conscious” and educated intersectional Latino of color as the

From known experts in their respective fields with a large following to “undiscovered” talent and thought leaders, the road and ground interviews will bring a different perspective to what is being offered online and mainstream. “Edutainment” with a bang that will either enlighten people or have them careening toward a cognitive
dissonance that will bring engagement, but they’ll definitely keep coming
back for more.

Now the show has been pitched to a major Network, but they wanted it to be done in Spanish. My main focus at the moment is with our English-speaking community. Since most of our youth are also bilingual (and usually prefer English), it's preferable if we launch it in English first. I also would like our independent thought to stay independent. With no strings, no curbing of ideas and thoughts. My social criticism has always been organic, honest, and raw. I've managed to be published in both independent and mainstream media because of it. I'd like it to remain as so and so do many others and have full control. Let us run our own shows. Independent media is gaining a lot of ground right now. I've successfully launched my own (with writers, editors, web designers, social media strategists), upliftt, so experience and ganas are covered.

With your help, this will be achieved. 

This is how we become part of something for the benefit of us all. As a loyal servant for the community who has been fighting pro bono, I'd like to continue doing so without the many insecurities when one does a project on one's own. 

Help me produce this show so we can elevate and emancipate ourselves without outside validation. 

Let's validate ourselves. 

A little about me: 

I’m a strong, vocal, and unapologetic activist with a loyal following and a robust social capital that spans from coast to coast: Journalists, celebrities, activists, artists, executives, community servants, organizers, and many more.

I was recently named one of 40 Under 40: Latinos in American Politics by the Huffington Post. I’ve written about internal and external Latino affairs to several news outlets and quoted on others: The Huffington Post, NBC, Fox News, Voxxi, Okayafrica, Okayplayer, Sky News, Salon, The Guardian, Latino Magazine, Vibe, The Hill, and my own online magazine—which has a fan base (celebrities, politicians, activists, blue and white collar workers, immigrants, citizens, and many more) of over 23,000 and has reached over a million people—UPLIFTT. I’m familiar with having an active voice that informs, invigorates, and inspires people. 

I’ve worked with both corporations and artists as a marketing strategist with a successful track record. As an emotionally intelligent lover and autodidact of human behavior, I live and breathe social media, multiculturalism, people… Like all Latinos, I’m an early adaptor and over-indexer of new technologies, social media, the media, and all things pop. I am familiar with targeted marketing and organic reach.

I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to America two months shy of turning 13. I managed to rise against all odds in a poor, crime-ridden neighborhood in Brooklyn and received a college education. I am an immigrant who became an American Dream.


César has the tenacity, wisdom, experience and relationships to bring a much-needed voice to the masses. Now, that voice is not *the* voice – which is refreshing. When most are seeking to align themselves with a socially constructed camp, and thus be their voice, César roams the entire hillside secure in his integrity. He travels among various camps (conventional schools of thought and position) yet is also comfortable in the proverbial “no man’s land,” calling out to the rest of us to embrace a level of understanding, critical thinking and communal awareness that has not been seen since Biblical times. OK, a bit of hyperbole towards the end there-call it artistic license! An artist however, is truly what César is. His wit and sarcasm are dismissed at ones own peril as they reflect one of the most successful mediums through which serious advancement has been achieved. Fundamentally, he is a creative and passionate professional, which is what we are all striving for in our own right. César exists within the tension all Latinos experience; highly sought after yet thoroughly dismissed, patronized yet exalted, immigrant yet patriot - he just expresses it better than most. - Joshua Mason Program Manager, ReSET (Contra Costa County) at Bay Area Community Resources

César is one of my favorite people and I wish we had more like him. Don’t ever expect him to “toe the company line”- on anything. He is loyal to nothing but his own free thinking and morality. To César, hypocrisy is the greatest sin. He’d rather deal with an upfront jackass than a fake activist. He uses provocative language to inspire others to think for themselves. He’s open to opposing viewpoints – and of course, he is really funny. - Gary Acosta, Co-Founder and CEO at NAHREP The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

Thank you all!
$185 of $10,000 per month
If we achieve this goal we will be able to create our road/ground show LIVE. Production gear is expensive. With your help we will be able to purchase mirrorless cameras, production deck, microphones, hotspot, wifi booster, and a computer to monitor our live feed via Facebook and YouTube. This will be the ideal setup to run a highbrow, high-quality production. 

If we don't get to the goal, we can still manage to purchase several production cameras and other necessary gear to run the show. They will be combined with the gear that I already own. The show won't be live, but we will definitely have the same high quality content.

If we surpass our goal, we will be able to go beyond a confined designated area and travel. This will allow us to produce and market video content for us and by us. We will truly become an independent platform to be reckoned with. 

Join us. 
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