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I don't need anything. I just want to show my support. 
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Lutzke Who?
I'm the guy who wrote the book about the dead mom and the spelling bee (Of Foster Homes & Flies). The one that Jack Ketchum called "original" and "touching." I also wrote a book about a kid who thought it was a good idea to try heroin just once (Wallflower). A book about an old man who works at a funeral home and stumbles across a body that resembles his late wife in her younger years. And then stuff happens (Stirring the Sheets). The one about the kid with the skull for a face (Skullface Boy) who goes on a road trip to Hermosa Beach to find someone who looks like him. And a handful more.

What Do You Want From Me?
I want you to keep me writing, to keep me on my toes.  I want you to let me entertain you. And I want to offer exclusive stuff you can't get anywhere but here.

It all boils down to support and encouragement. You'll be that pat on the back that keeps my glass half full and the tap on my shoulder that won't let me slow down. As a patron, you'll be subject to....wait, that doesn't sell well.  You'll be blessed with stories, (complete with cover art), video reads, giveaways, cover reveals, literary peep shows, and every chapter in my upcoming crime noir book THE NEON OWL. 

If you've made it this far, I thank you.  Thank you for even considering supporting me and my work and for taking interest in what I've got going on in this corner of the Internet.

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For those interested, I'll do a scheduled live-streaming Q&A. Doesn't have to be about my books. We can talk movies, other books, art, music or how awesome cheese and chocolate are.
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