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About Chad Mcghee

Hello thank you for coming to my Patreon Page. my name is Chad Mcghee. if you know who i am and what i have done plus have seen me on TV I Need no Introduction. but if your not Familiar with me and don't know who i am Please Allow my to tell my Story, i am known as Divalover159 or Better known as The Knox City Greyhound Super Fan! the Knox City Greyhounds are a Local High School Football Team from Knox City, Texas. a while back in 2011 i made a shout out Video to this Local High School Football Team. not to long Afterwards it went Viral & I Never looked Back. I have wrestled for a charity wrestling events here in Knox City against coach steel for the Knox City Greyhound booster club. Where we made a lots of money. Since then I have been on Comedy Central Tosh.O twice I have made several shout out and motivational videos. there is a Video that Goes into a more Detailed look of who i am, Please Watch.
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