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We virtually hug you. We're huggers... virtually!

$1 /mo
Thank you, you receive our virtual love! If we could kiss you all... we would be arrested!

Personalised poorly written email...

$5 /mo
We will try and put our non existent literal skills to use and send you a personalised thank you e-mail!

Follow on Any Social Media

$10 /mo
Let's make it official on social media.

  • Social media follow

A drawing that looks like it was done by a small child. But actually from us!

$15 /mo
All the stuff from above and you can request one of us to do a (Terrible) drawing of whatever you want!


$20 /mo
Get entry into the WheresMyChallenge Discord where we chat about anything and everything!

  • Social media follow

Let's get personal..

$50 /mo
  • 10 minute Skype or Discord call! and everything before.

Elite Patreon!

$100 /mo
  • This is the highest reward (currently) 
  • You get a shoutout the end of every video that you are an Elite Patreon.
  • You get everything previous too.