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Patreon Release:
Release 0.45 PC/Linux, Mac and Android :)
Release 0.6 PC/Linux/Mac (Android coming soon)
Rad Shorts I

Public Release:

As to follow the updated Patreon Guidelines I can't put adult content in a public message.

Hello and thank you for visiting my Patreon Page.
I'm Sorrow, the creator (with a super edgy username, don't ask!) of several transformation themed games you can download for free on, including Rad Science first HTML Version.
Just visit it, maybe you will find even more games to your liking.

And now I'm on Patreon! Why tho?

I really like doing this, but I can't afford to put in more of my money for clothes, characters.....
To expand my ability, to create more compelling games I need funds :(
That's why I decided to join as a creator on Patreon.

How should this work? 
I plan to make a release as often as possible. Please understand that I can't work on it full time, and that I do this on the side to my regular daytime work.

What's planned right now?
I'm now somewhat close to finishing up Rad Science, afterwards I'm working on (for now titled) Malleable. It was voted for by my patreons as my next project and will include more player choices and more of an open world gameplay.
I also plan to make short comics to post here on Patreon.

Okay, what is Rad Science?
Rad Science is foremost an interactive adult game.
It's fairly linear but with choices that will effect the ending of your game. It incluces:
Male to Female/Futa Transformation
Breast AND Butt Expansion (Like BWAAAHM!)
Sex (Duh)
Impregnation (Aww yiss)
Bad Dialogue
Weird Script
Even worse humor
And Matthew McConaughey (Alright, alright, alright...) Just kidding, he wasn't available :(
But, a whole lot of 3D animated 'Art' in 1080 high definition!
Of course it's the first game that I have invested really much time next to my dayjob...
So please be gentle, senpai!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 142 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 142 exclusive posts

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