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Hey!  Thanks for taking a second look or deciding to follow me.

My name is Leslye and I work daily to erase the narrative I previously accepted and to create my personal narrative.  In creating and living my personal narrative, I hope to give others the freedom to do the same.  

I am truly every woman...mom(two amazing boys), wife, sister, friend, Soror, teacher, ever evolving, the best hype man and a Chief Narrative Changer. 

Instead of excitement, I dreaded the beginning of my 13th year of teaching the year.  I was ineffective, unhappy, isolated and lacked any  meaningful peer-teacher relationships.  I took the year to reflect on why I was so unhappy, why I was in constant disagreement with others and why I had become so ineffective.  Long story short(ish) I had stuffed myself into the role of who and what I thought an educator was.  I worked over a decade shrinking myself and ignoring my intuition.

I worked hard to shake the story society (and I) had created about the role of teacher.  I began to read, network, reflect and challenge myself on a daily basis...essentially, I began to change my personal narrative.  The moment I realized I wasn't stuck...the magic began.  Student scores increased, my migraines stopped, I began to be recognized as a leader and I began to build meaningful relationships with parents, students and other teachers.  

Now, my work is to help others change and live their personal narrative.  My work with students includes exposing them to Culturally Responsive text that act as both mirrors and windows. In addition, I teach students how to advocate for themselves so that they begin to trust their voice and increase their agency.

My next step it to work with teachers to help them step out of the prescribed teacher box that has suffocated so many.  Through book clubs, PD and curriculum development, I hope to teach teachers that they are in control and valuable.  

Thank you in advance for helping me move my work forward.  This journey has been rough and amazing and I am more than excited that it is not over.  

Chief Narrative Changer, 
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When I reach $300 a month, I will formally begin to develop The Great Migration curriculum geared toward primary grades.
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