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You want to have more visibility for your work and more decision-making power in the organisation behind the Character Design Challenge, and that is awesome! All the members who will pledge $5 per month* here on Patreon will get***:

  • SURVEY ACCESS Every month you will vote in the exclusive survey to choose the new Theme of the Month for the CDChallenge! You will access to the survey here on Patreon on the 3rd, each month and you'll be notified via email! 

  • THEME PREVIEW You will discover** the new Theme of the Month for CDChallenge 2 days earlier and you'll be notified via email!

  • DEADLINE EXTENSION  the deadline to submit your entry for the contest will be extended by 3 days! 

  • CHALLENGE REWARDS  The finest artworks** submitted in our monthly challenge will receive amazing rewards each month! The 3 designs who will receive the Challenge Rewards will also be promoted on all our social pages and on our website along with the classic Winners of the CDChallenge and the monthly Special Mentions! 

*hint - you can also pledge any amount you like per month  

**important - don't forget to post your design for the current challenge here on our Patreon page to be considered for the Challenge Rewards

***very important - don't forget to include your shipping address! So we know where to send the Challenge Rewards!



About Character Design References

Hey Challengers! Thank you so much for making your way to our Patreon page. Here you can upgrade your free membership and support your favourite visual art community. But first of all, let's tell the artists who might not be familiar with our work yet, who we are.

What is the Character Design Challenge?

The Character Design Challenge (also known online as #CDChallenge or #CDC) is an international community of 2D artists of different skill levels and styles who share common goals: grow as artists, learn from each other, promote their work online and having fun designing characters together.

Once a month the members gather on a Facebook Group to challenge each other in a contest in which they share their unique design of characters based on a common theme, along with the links to promote their social pages, portfolios and online stores. The finest designs win the challenge and a new theme is announced on the 7th day of each month.

The CDChallenge is an initiative of Character Design References™ (CDR), an independent website dedicated to sequential, illustrative and concept art from animation, games and comics.

Why the Character Design Challenge is using Patreon? 

Interest and participation in the past years has been truly incredible. Artists from all over the world have contributed with thousands of stunning artworks, creating one the most compelling and unique collective art projects that the Internet has ever seen.

This response is the most rewarding part of running the Character Design Challenge, but the community has become so big that it requires an increasing amount of time and energy to keep it going, so here's where Patreon comes in: this page is a simple way for fans and members of the CDC to support it directly and, by doing so, it also lets them have access to awesome perks that are normally not available to free members.

What do I get by supporting the CDChallenge on Patreon?

Quite a LOT of good stuff! First of all you will vote in the monthly surveys here on Patreon to choose the new Theme of the Month and you will also discover it before anybody else, 2 days before we announce it publicly on all our social pages.

The deadline to submit your entry for the contest will be extended by 3 days (so combined with theme preview, this means that you will have 5 EXTRA DAYS each month to work on your entry!).

On top of this, when you post your artwork for the CDChallenge here on this Patreon page, you also gain access to the Challenge Rewards (the list can be found HERE) and receive a spotlight for your work, which will be promoted by us on our website every month along with the Winners and the Special Mentions of the CDC! You can discover all the details about the different levels of Membership directly on this page, under the section ''Tiers''.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget that if you are a school or a company that wishes to advertise with us or become a partner, you can find out how to do so by visiting our website HERE.

How does Patreon and this page work exactly?

Patreon is basically a monthly subscription platform, and it's one of the best ways to support your favourite creator's community directly and help them making the stuff you love.

By pledging on this Patreon page you can upgrade your free Character Design Challenge membership (known as Freebie) and become a:

  • Tipper which lets you discover the monthly themes 2 days in advance

Or you can become a:

  • Supporter which lets you vote and propose the new themes every month and discover them 2 days in advance. Plus, the deadline to submit your entry for the contest will be extended by 3 days! And when you post your artworks for the Character Design Challenge here on our Patreon page, you also gain access to the Challenge Rewards. This will also give more visibility to the work you already share in the community.

You can also watch this video to learn more about how Patreon works.

Can I still stay and join the Character Design Challenge for free?

Of course you can! The Character Design Challenge is and will ALWAYS be free. If you are not interested or you can't comfortably afford to support us here on Patreon, don't give it a second thought. You can keep being a Freebie member, participate in the monthly challenges and promote your work without spending a cent, as you have always done.

But if you like the idea of starting a subscription here on this page for any duration, please know that receiving your support is very much appreciated as it help us to keep the Character Design Challenge community going. 

THANK YOU ALL for being a part of this journey!

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Reaching this goal will cover all the costs of running the Character Design Challenge! It will secure the future of our community and we will continue this fantastic journey while working hard to find new ways to promote the work of the artists of the CDC for the many years to come!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 120 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 120 exclusive posts

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