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$4 /mo
For the Low price of $4 (or £2.96) You will have access to all of my lessons (4 lessons a months,Once a week and around 10 mins long)

Lessons + Tabs

$10 /mo
(£7.41)This gives you access to lessons plus exclusive tabs for those lessons (Tabs are not essential as everything will be explained thoroughly in the video lesson)

Monthly video chat/Lesson

$15 /mo
(£11.11)Access to all previous tier perks plus a 1 to 1 video chat on your platform of choice (Skype,Facebook,Discord Etc)

I will help you with anything you are stuck on/Awnser all of your quest...


I will fly to your house and give you a hug

$15,000 /mo
Just for a laugh :)