Charlotte Fields

is creating Programs, Educational Tutorials, 3D Modeling, Mesh Networking

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I'm Charlotte Fields, a 23 year old volunteer teacher and tutor to those wanting to enter programming, I love helping people into the field I'm so passionate about and loving seeing their passion grow also.

What do I do in my spare time? Study programming, machine learning and make educational resources to teach with, I also give some of my free time to open source projects that you'll be able to see my contributions to on Github @Foxsan48 you can also see some of my code doodles there with gist.github

Why did I make this Patreon? To help me continue to do the things I love through some hard financial times where I'm currently struggling to buy my medications and bills so in advance I want to say;

Thank you to you, for donating and helping, directly me to live, and vicariously, my students to learn!

Ps there will be an intro video sometime.
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I'll make a video to thank you wonderful people explaining how you are helping me.
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