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About Chase Faro

The name's Carlos, and I produce things. Said things include:

Tales From The Orbis Aetherum, my serial podcast of ongoing fantasy/sci-fi stories.

Two Fat Guys Talk, a gaming/entertainment podcast I co-host with my buddy Dave.*

Carlos and Dave Anime Rave, animation reviews co-hosted by me and the aforementioned Dave* (the Patreon intro video is one such review).

- Various Let's Plays, both on my own and with others.*

This Patreon is a tip jar for anyone who wants to put some coin towards the various costs associated with producing these shows. Primarily, that means:

- The audio/video editing.

- The hosting costs, especially for the reviews, which are a popular target for unwarranted YouTube copyright claims; having a hosted backup for our viewers is essential.

That's it, really. For now, I have no rewards or goals set; this is just a tip jar. If it's successful, I intend to put up rewards and goals, and said rewards/goals will be delicious.

* I've cleared this Patreon with my various co-hosts.

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