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About Cheesy Cookie Corp

Due to certain reasons the download link to the patreon build is present for kissers and above in Discord
Hey there! I'm a Work in progress artist and game designer! My name is Lars Ziah Zawkian and im working in this game alongside a few friends! I'm making a NSFW Gay furry porn game called Triple R! Where you have to survive, getting through a Secret government complex called Rehabillitation Rational Ruined, and try to escape! Will you manage to escape? Maybe just become another toy or Sex addict like the rest of the perverted creatures within. You will find out very soon! Hehehehehehehe >:3

The game is basically a Dark Souls Visual novel, but instead of Dying repeatedly you get *Wink* Hugged repeatedly!!!This will will have multiple choices with multiple paths that will have consequences! If you do something in chapter 1, it will influence things up to chapter 10!!! So Buckle up ya naughty pup!!

The idea of you being sent to a prison, but instead of a conventional prison you are sent to a weird, secret government facility. Prison like but it is very different, your objective is to survive the trip and not get turned into some other Sec toy for the inmates. The game is planned to be fast paced but with a very complex story, so if you are in for the lewds, you will get them fast. If you are in for story or both, you also will get them but not as fast. The story is complex and Game theory worthy as far as I'm planning, every single choice matter into getting desired lewds or endings, one choice you make in the chapter 1, affects all the way to chapter 10.


Buying a slot and scene, will grant you a scene and the right to write your own scene
Thats Right! Commissioning Sex scenes will able you to write what your character will do, and write the dialogue, all that to give you freedom over your own custom scene! The Regular sequence is a three image sequence of your own idea. More info at my Discord server!

A list of the kinks/fetishes/ NSFW Content that is currently present in the first demo will be pinned to my Discord, I guarantee most of them will be present and in the complete game will have a LOT, but all of them are Consensual. Bestiality and Minors are straight OUT!


This game contains several kinks some might not enjoy much, but if you do, strap on your seats and dive ass first in this new exciting project!!

The images on the tiers are not own by me, they are a placeholder until i get time to make some cute ones
PS: Working in super secret top secwet project with a very fluffy and nice yeen boi!!
$231.25 of $250 per month
Oh wow! This will make me super excited and work more on the game! Full-on Pup on Steroids!

● Will Try releasing a build each month! Or at least make it come faster! Hehehe
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