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About Rebecca Quist

~Welcome to the world of chibis where life is smaller, a little clumsier, and all around more adorable!  This Patreon is dedicated to Chibicca's Classics, a project where artist Chibicca (Rebecca Quist) takes some of the great paintings of historic masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh and uses her talent of chibi-fying the paintings in an adorable take on the classics.
Join Chibicca as she travels through history re-imagining classic paintings, photos, and more all in celebration of the historical genius that paved the way for artists today. Along with learning about the artists and enjoying seeing the paintings brought to this new endearing style, you will be supporting a young artist's survival as she creates masterpieces that celebrate the artists of old!

~*Your pledge will go toward paying for Chibicca's rent, personal expenses, and supplies, as well as granting her the ability to give back and support other artists that she admires and learns from. 

Not only will you be supporting Chibicca's dream to continue making art and spreading joy through her work ...YOU GET PERKS!  Check out the tiers on the right that describe what we can give back to you in appreciation for your help in becoming chibi patrons!

Do what makes you happy ~♥
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$500 will allow Chibicca to pay her rent and some expenses just from earnings on Patreon!  You guys are absolutely incredible!!! Thank you so much for your efforts in getting us here!!!  Now she can work toward improving her tools and stepping out into other art mediums!  Also, we have a new project in the works and can't wait to share it with you starting with our next goal!
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