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About Chicprofile


I’m Tavia and I miss the early days of the beauty blogosphere. Don’t you?

I’m the blogger behind, a luxury makeup lover, honest reviewer and a beauty detective on a mission to hunt down news about the latest launches before anyone else.

I started my blog in 2008 to share my passion about luxury makeup and beauty with other makeup lovers. I wanted to create a place where you would find accurate, unbiased reviews of the latest makeup products, catch up on the latest beauty gossip and chat about all things beauty without any drama.

There were no sponsored posts back then. No influencers. No money exchanging hands. Just a bunch of girls sharing beauty tricks, recommending the products we loved and warning others about those that didn’t work.

My, how things have changed since then! As the blogosphere exploded and brands realized we were the ones influencing beauty purchases, they’ve tried to gain control over our content and buy our recommendations.

There’s a lot of money to be made in blogging. Desperate to land a lucrative brand deal, a lot of bloggers have started censoring themselves, refusing to say anything remotely negative about a product. Others have their hands tied behind their back by the contracts they’ve signed. Behind the glittering facade of PR trips and fancy dinners, bloggers are stabbing each other in the back, competing for whom has the most Instagram followers.

Where does that leave you, the reader?

YOU come first. That’s why I’ve always refused to play this game. I want to give you what you want: honest, accurate, detailed reviews of makeup products so you can buy what works for you and leave the duds at Sephora.

I don’t mince my words. I try to give as many details and information to my readers as possible and if something doesn’t work, you can be sure I’ll let you know. Have a look through my blog, I’m not afraid to give a product (even one received from PRs) a negative rating, if it deserves it.

But there is a price to pay to keep my reviews and content honest and unbiased.

So, Why Do I Need A Patron?

I refuse to give away control over my content. That’s why I’m very selective of the brands I work with. I rarely accept sponsored posts - in more than 10 years, the number of sponsored collaborations I’ve done can be counted on the fingers of one hand! And I do buy the majority of products that I review on the blog.

But with the overwhelming waves of beauty launches that are hitting the counters almost everyday, I can’t keep up anymore. When I started blogging, MAC would release 30 collections a year - and we thought that was a lot. Now they’re releasing 60+ collections a year! And that’s just one brand.

I don’t have the funds to purchase that much makeup. Money from ads and affiliates are barely enough to cover my rent and bills. The real money in blogging is in brand sponsorships, but I can’t go down that route if I want to keep my reviews honest and my content unbiased.

I don’t want my content to suffer. I don’t want to bring you short, positive reviews just to keep brands happy. If you’ve read this far, I guess you don’t either.

How Will Your Patronage Help?

Your patronage will ensure that Chicprofile remains an independent source for makeup reviews and new beauty launches - free from any brand pressures.

Here’s how your donations will support Chicprofile - and a better, friendlier blogosphere:

More honest reviews: My aim is to double the amount of luxury/high-end products reviews on the blog. I get so many requests to feature this or that product and it breaks my heart to have to say no because I have to prioritize paying my rent. Your patronage means I can review the products you want, when you want and give you my 100% honest opinion about them so you won’t waste your money on disappointing products anymore.

More beauty news: Telling it like it is means that I’ve been kicked off many PR lists. So how am I able to bring you news of the latest beauty launches, sometimes even months in advance? I spent many hours every week just scouring the internet for beauty news and making connections behind the scenes with sources willing to share their scoops with my readers. Your contributions will give me more free time to dedicate to my detective work so I can bring you makeup scoops before anyone else.

More readers’ interaction: beauty blogging isn’t just about products. It’s first and foremost about readers and makeup lovers. Your contribution will give me more free time to interact with you, answer all your questions and give you the content and attention you deserve.

So, What Do You Get?

As a reward, my patrons get:

  • Instagram and newsletter shout-outs
  • Access to exclusive content that I share with my Patrons first, months in advance before I post on the blog/ social media
  • Access to an exclusive blogs sale, where you can get some luxury bargains
  • Free makeup products

Plus, my undying gratitude :))

More importantly, you’ll help make the beauty blogosphere a better, more honest space.

Beauty blogging was always supposed to be about a genuine love of makeup, having fun and helping each other. Let’s bring that back!!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 167 exclusive posts

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