Chimera Cluster Computer Project

is creating Obsurd Computer Cluster/Hardware Project and Research
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About Chimera Cluster Computer Project


This is Chimera Cluster Computer Project, or CCCP for short. Yes, we know that CCCP also stands for the main Russian Communist Party but thats the beauty of all this. We are taking multiple, individual units and forcing them to work for a single cause after all. For those of you within Europe or Russia you can always just abbreviate this as ChCC

We in no way endorse or support Communism

Jokes aside this Patreon will help to fund the following:

  • Research
  • Buying Hardware (SBC's, Cables, Storage, Cases, Etc.)
  • Electrical Bills

Patreon supporters will be able to have their names on research papers and at the ends of videos. Those that pay a little more will also have access to videos early and access to full unedited or blooper videos as well to watch me make a fool of myself. Higher paying patreons will have entire boards, clusters or hardware components named after them or whatever they choose, more obvious names on papers and videos, and depending on tier may/will have remote access personal accounts on the cluster with varying storage space size depending on donation.

What is a Cluster Computer?

A Cluster Computer is a type of Super Computer that is comprised of having numerous computers, typically the same or similar type of computer, acting as a single unit in order to allow for far greater processing and storage capabiltiies. These types of computers are typically used by Governments or Large Companies to perform large tasks or act as servers.

What is a "Chimera" Cluster?

A Chimera Cluster as I have dubbed it is a Computer Cluster build out of computers that are very different from one another. These clusters computers may have multiple of the same computer or computers that are very similar but overall it is a cluster made u of many different types of computers with different hardware ports and capabilities rather than being made up of only one or two computer types.

What is a SBC or Single Board Computer?

A SBC or Single Board Computer is just as what it sounds like in name. These are computers that have processing, memory, graphics and storage all on one small board. Granted these computers are typically not the strongest on their own but are cost effective and can usually fit in your hand. For this project we will be making a Chimera Cluster out of a variety of SBC type computers.

Some Examples of SBC's that will/may be used in the Chimera Cluster Project are:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Rock Pi
  • nVidia Jetson Nano
  • And Many More!

For More Information Check Out The Links Below:

Merch Links!

$0 of $25 per month
Add Another Raspberry Pi 4B
-Video Review of Raspberry Pi 4B
-Initial Research Document
-Document updates available regardly but documents and sections regarding to other hardware that cant be done until hardware is acquired will be shown below.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post