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In solidarity, Jeff

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China Rising: Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations


The BIG Red Book on China: Chinese History, Culture and Revolution

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About China Rising Radio Sinoland

Dear Friends, Fans and Followers of China Rising Radio Sinoland,

CRRS does not have a paywall and you know I spends thousands of hours each year to do extensive research, article writing and rewriting 5-10 times, synthesis and analysis, then record and produce high quality YouTube video and SoundCloud audio podcasts for your benefit and understanding.

In solidarity with all the working poor across America, my goal it to make US minimum wage, which is $7.25, The problem is I'm not even to that level yet. I can live on $7,25/hour in retirement. So here, you can make a commitment to support my work on a planned basis, with whatever you can do help out, $1, $2, or $5/month. I also offer two possibilities to get The China Trilogy books with a larger contribution.

It is already possible to make onetime donations via,

PayPal, Bank cards can also be used through the PayPal portal.

FundRazr, FundRazr also accepts PayPal.

As well, for tech heads, you can follow my cutting edge, short video broadcasts on,

China Tech News Flash!

Thank you for your continued support!

Sino-best, Jeff

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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