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About Stephanie Li and Chris Thomas

We've been sharing authentic Chinese recipes with an emphasis on the techniques behind the dishes.These days, cookbooks that focus on cuisines outside of Europe tend to read more like travelogues than textbooks... we feel that in order to properly teach Chinese cooking, a more educational approach is needed.

Our goal is to deliver quality, real deal recipes that can teach people how to cook proper Chinese. We take inspiration from the quality resources we used when learning Western cooking - Alton Brown, J. Kenji Lopez Alt, etc. - and try to discuss the 'why' behind the techniques.

Some people learn best from video, some from writing, some from a combination of the two. Because of this, together with a video we're committed to putting out a detailed, in-depth written recipe that's more 'article' than a 'list of steps'. 

Each video is a recipe video in the narrative style (about 4-8 minutes long). We believe this format is the best way to learn how to execute a dish: while the focus is on the food and the steps, a voiceover allows us to discuss what's actually going on. 

Video is excellent for communicating a basic understanding, but there's no substitute for the depth you can cover with the written word. Each written recipe is roughly 2000-4000 words and in it we're able to delve into the ingredients and why they're used, the cultural background of the dish, and a bit more about the process. A good example for what we're trying to do would be the post for How to Make Dan Dan Noodles and Homemade Chili Oil.

These written recipes are posted to the /r/cooking community on Reddit, not a blog. This project actually began as a way to share Chinese recipes to /r/cooking (the video simply being something to accompany the recipe), with only the vaguest idea that it could grow into a YouTube channel. We continue with it not just because we want to keep on contributing to the community there, but also because there's simply nothing else like the depth of discussion you can get on Reddit.

So who are we? We're basically just a food-obsessed couple that lives in Shenzhen, China! Stephanie Li is basically the brains here, she's from Guangzhou and was raised in a family that's incredibly passionate about Cantonese food. A free-lance translator/editor by trade, she'd bounce around China staying in different cities and began to try to replicate what she ate. Steph focuses on researching and testing the recipes, and does more of the on-camera cooking.

I (the writer) am Chris Thomas, I'm from the United States and've been living in China for the last ten years... basically my adult life. I love living here, and one of the things that's consistently blown me away's been the food - the depth and variety's just incredible. While you'll find me behind the wok on some videos, I mostly focus on the recipe writing, the video editing, and the narration.   

Like most creators, our ultimate goal is to be able to work on this project full time.  This would not only make things more sustainable, but also allow us to put more time into other facets of project. We chose the format we did to most efficiently teach cooking... but in addition we'd also like to produce step-by-step picture recipes, shortened printable recipe cards for use in the kitchen, and even some quick gif recipes to augment what we have.

Long term, we'd also like to produce a cookbook that is organized by the 16 main techniques is Chinese cooking. Delve into the technique itself, give a few basic recipes with many variations branching off.

We wanna deeply thank you for helping get this project where it is today - whether you've watched the videos, read the posts, shared with your friends, recommended us online, or shared your two cents in the Reddit or YouTube comments.  

If you'd like to support the project further, that's incredible. By becoming a Patron, you'll get access to a Discord server and a Wechat group to let us all communicate better, as well as some of my musings here. We can also think about what recipes you'd like to see!
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If we can reach this amount, we can start to look at devoting more time to other aspects of the project, and I would begin writing the techniques cookbook (which I'll post drafts of here).
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