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 ■ My undying love

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Hi, I'm Chocolace and I'm a digital and traditional artist. My favorite pieces involve dramatic lighting, original characters, and intense scenery. To everyone who has supported me, whether on DeviantArtTwitterDiscord, or just by being my friend: Thank you. I really couldn't have gotten this far without you.


Why Patreon?

I share most of my art on DeviantArt, but I wanted a place where I could offer behind-the-scenes looks into the things I'm working on. I like to wind down by creating concept art, painted pieces, sketches, and silly doodles between commission rounds, and this is the place to be if you want to see that. Now, the stuff you normally see on DeviantArt will still be posted as usual, but pledging can get you special discord roles, early access to my upcoming web-comic, my Patreon-only feed, project previews, monthly art hauls, free custom sketches and pieces, discounts on commissions, 4K wallpapers, and more.  


Show me the goodies!

I'd bake you some cookies if I could (maybe I'll offer that as a reward down the line).

But when you pledge, you get special benefits depending on what tier you fall under.


Tier 1 (Bard) - $1

For one(1)™ single grade A, organic, gluten-free USDA-certified American dollar™, you receive my appreciation, as well as my undying love. Oh, and you get a shiny new role in my Discord server, a wonderland filled with artists from all over and my favorite people ever! You also get a smol bebe™ preview of what I'm working on, monthly sketch hauls, and one day early access to my upcoming webcomic series.


- Discord role
- Patreon-only feed
- Small previews
- Monthly Patreon-only sketch posts
- Access to webcomics a day early
- My undying love


Tier 2 (Adventurer) - $5

For the price of a matcha green tea latte (or a pumpkin spice latte if we're feeling spooOOooky) at Starbucks™, you can get all the previous benefits, but the previews now come in 1080p HIGH DEFINITION™. On top of that, you get access to the secret Discord channel, the opportunity to vote in Patreon-exclusive polls for the kind of content you'd like to see, a super fancy, sophisticated, and an upgraded role in my Discord.


- Previous benefits
- Harder, better, faster, stronger™ Discord role
- Secret Discord channel access
- 1080p previews
- Vote in Patreon-only polls


Tier 3 (Gleaming Knight) - $10

For the price of something you can spend ten dollars on, you get all the previous benefits, but the previews ate a Super Mushroom™ so now they're MAXIMUM SIZE BIG BOI PREVIEWS. Additionally, you get SUPER ULTRA THICC HIGH DEFINITION 4K MONTHLY WALLPAPERS BY YOURS TRULY, CHOCOLACE, an honorable Discord role, and three days early access to my webcomic.


- Previous benefits
- Discord role of justice
- Polls to choose the theme/topic for the monthly wallpaper
- 4K Ultra HD monthly Wallpaper
- 3-day early access to webcomics


Tier 4 (Illustrious Mage) - $20

Turns around in chair to face you. I've been expecting you (not really, but if you're nice enough to pick this tier then you're amazing). Alright, here we go. For this basket of goodies, you get the previous benefits, a Discord role that can cast spells, early access to commission slots, a custom fullbody monthly colorless sketch ($20 value) of one of your favorite characters or OC's, process videos for the monthly wallpapers, uncommon item drops, and 10% off ALL commissions.

- Previous benefits
- Magical Discord role
- Get early access to commission slots
- Mage Exclusive - Periodic uncommon item drops
- Mage Exclusive - Uncolored fullbody monthly sketch ($20 value)
- Mage Exclusive - 10% off all commissions (applies to orders with 2 or more)
- Process video for the monthly wallpaper


Tier 5 (Royal Vampire) - $30

Wakes up from 300 year sleep. Welcome, welcome. I'm usually not seen outside of my house during the day so I'm basically a vampire. On top of the early access and such that you get from the previous tiers, your uncolored custom sketch becomes a colored custom fullbody sketch. Your 10% discount levels up to a 15% discount, periodic rare item drops, Patreon Lens access, and a higher-ranking Discord role that is accustomed to the terrors of the night.


- Previous benefits
- Cursed Discord role
- Patreon Lens access (behind-scenes-video content)
- Vampire Exclusive - Colored custom fullbody sketch ($25 value)
- Vampire Exclusive - Rare item drops
- Vampire Exclusive - 15% off all commissions (applies to orders with 2 or more)


Tier 6 (Fae) - $40

Sup cutie. You know the drill by now. You'll get those sweet previous benefits, your Discord role is super pink, you can make fan-art requests, and on top of your 15% discount, you also get 50% off page dolls (d'aww). For your monthly rewards, you can choose a bebe (gasp) ($40 value) or a colored sketch with two characters ($40 value)


- Previous Benefits
- Pink Discord role
- Fan-art requests
- Fae Exclusive -15% discount + 50% off page dolls
- Fae Exclusive - Rare item drops + possible ultra rare drops
- Fae Exclusive - Bebe ($40) or colored sketch + 1 ($40 value)


Tier 7 (Fearsome Dragon) - $50

Oh, hi, you come here often? Well, if you love me that much, then you get all the previous benefits, of course, your Discord role becomes real scary, and your crispy 15% off gains a new evolution and is now 30% off all commissions. You'll get a custom portrait ($35 value) or shaded bust ($50 value) of one of your favorite characters or OCs every month, ultra rare item drops, and you get a whole average workweek's (five days) worth of early access to webcomics.


- Previous benefits
- Super scary Discord role
- Dragon Exclusive - Ultra rare item drops
- Dragon Exclusive - Monthly custom portrait ($35 value) or shaded bust ($50 value)
- Dragon Exclusive - 30% off all commissions (applies to orders with 2 or more)
- 5-day early access to webcomics


Tier 8 (Nariphon) - $60

You want even cooler rewards? Well then, I suppose I'll have to deliver. This tier is mixed with earthy, mellow, woodsy tones, with a nice smooth finish. Your Discord role is a nice bright green that'll be sure to impress. You retain that chance to get ultra rare drops from the Dragon tier, but you might find that it upgrades to an exotic drop. Every month, you can pick between a fullbody shaded ($60 value) or a painted portrait ($60 value). Painted portraits aren't even on my regular commission forms...spicy. You'll get 30% off commissions, and a big discounts in my print store. 


- Previous benefits
- Noble guardian's Discord role
- Nariphon Exclusive - Ultra rare item drops + possible exotic drops
- Nariphon Exclusive - Monthly shaded full ($60 value) or painted portrait ($60 value)
- Nariphon Exclusive - 30% off all commissions + print store discounts


Tier 9 (The Queen's Hand) - $100

o.o. Wow, uh, wow. For the price of a Benjamin, the guy who did the thing with the kite, you get all previous benefits, super-highest most exclusive discord role in my server, no portrait cropping fee, the choice between an HD scene ($85 value) or a custom reference sheet ($90 value) per month, 30% off ALL commissions AND 50% off ONE commission piece, earliest access to my WIPs, exotic items and secret extra goodies.


- Previous benefits
- The fairest discord role of them all™
- No portrait crop fee ($15 value)
- Queen's Hand Exclusive - Exotic item drops
- Queen's Hand Exclusive - Monthly HD scene ($85 value) or a custom reference sheet ($90 value)
- Queen's Hand Exclusive - 30% off all commissions (applies to orders with 2 or more) and 50% off 1 commission piece a month (both discounts do not stack onto one order)
- Earliest access to WIPs and webcomics
- Special secret extras

Yes, it charges upfront, then the 1st of every month afterwards.
Uhh, what are royals?
Royals are a currency accepted by the traveling merchant Leila. She appears every month to sell her wares, which include rare items not found in stores. For you, that means free sketches, bebes, portraits, scenes, shaded pieces, and custom references--provided you have enough royals, of course!
Neato. How do I get royals?
Every patron receives a certain number of royals per month, depending on their tier. See below for the values:
Bards: 1 royal per month
Adventurers: 1 green gem per month (5 royals)
Knights: 1 blue gem per month (10 royals)
Mages: 1 red gem per month (20 royals)
Vampires: 1 purple gem per month (30 royals)
Fae: 1 purple gem per month + 1 blue gem (40 royals)
Dragons: 1 silver gem per month (50 royals)
Nariphon: 1 silver gem + 1 blue gem (60 royals)
The Queen's Hand: 1 gold gem per month (100 royals)
Do royals carry over every month?
Yes, they will accumulate every month, so you can save up if you wanted a bigger piece.
Do royals go away if I stop being a patron?
No, your balance remains the same, so you can always resume your subscription later and spend your royals on free stuff when Leila is available.
How do I check how many royals I have?
Elementary, my dear Watson. You must simply check the Royal Totals google document. It is organized by number. Each Patron has their own number. The document can be found here:
Wait. What's my number on the doc?
You can ask me on Discord or shoot me a message on Patreon, and I'll let you know what your number is!
I'm a mage/vampire/dragon/Queen's Hand. How do I get my free monthly sketches/art pieces?
Just fill out the form every month, and I'll get your sketches to you!
What are rare/ultra rare/exotic item drops?
Good question, young padawan. These rare drops are unique items that you will receive as part of your ongoing support. If you've been here for a certain amount of time, at varying intervals, you may see a special item fall into your inventory. Even if you are pledged on and off, as long as you hit these undisclosed goals, you'll find something cool and unique. These items can be used at a later date to get something super awesome. You'll like it, I promise! The fun is in the mystery. ;)
I'm not getting my discord role or access to the secret discord channel, but I'm a current patron? How come?
Make sure the correct discord account is linked in your Patreon user settings. Once that is done, you will automagically be given the proper role and the access that comes with it!
What is the meaning of life?

68% complete
BIG BOI Royal boost for ALL patrons!
♦ New vendor like Leila
♦ More exclusive offers
♦ Preparation for future reworks and projects

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