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Embodying both internal and external energy in harmony
Lets take a look at “Chi”, “Chi-Gong” or “Qi-Gong” All meanings are the same related to health and wellness practice consisting of a combination of movement, meditation and breathing.
Chi is life force, energy, creativity, consciousness, breath, and function practice over time.
Benefits of Chi-Gong practice including optimizing the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the tissues, increasing the efficiency of cellular metabolism, altering neurochemistry towards healing, managing pain and mood state, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, and facilitating relaxation and mental focus.
I discovered the internal “Chi” being practice separately from Kung Fu at the beginning to develop strength, flexibility and breathing working together. It is my simple practices these simply breathing and body movement that I naturally experience fully reach the potential "Chi" life force.
Meditation does not activate chi, it is a practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a key component of meditation that heightened awareness of the present moment. This includes awareness of your thoughts, emotions and physical body sensations.
In Kung Fu the word “root” means build a strong foundation. The saying “be rooted” is how well your entire body is able to connect with the ground. In Wing Chun Kung Fu, rooting is tied to your Wing Chun stance and structure. When you’re rooted, you can deliver much more power without using force. The one who is rooted are in harmony with both internal and external energy.
“A tree without roots is just a piece of wood” – Marco Pierre White
Practice daily meditation, chi-gong and Wing Chun Kung Fu separately but they all work in harmony together. It is not that the fact practicing separately in order to cultivate internal “chi”, everything is connected no matter what you practice. It is different focus and awareness that is being practice separately allows a deeper understanding bring it all together in harmony.

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