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81% of Americans have a story they want to write, but I wasn't one of them. I never had a story...and then, one day, I did. After writing the first draft of my novel, “Red Tide,” though, I looked for representation and was unable to find it. After being turned down by over 75 agents, I decided to do it myself. I researched the self-publishing industry and everything needed to be a independent author, and, on my daughters’ birthday, I launched my first novel.

I did fairly well, and people began to take notice. Soon, people began to ask me if I would publish their books too. Knowing how hard it had been on me, I decided to help the newer authors out. I took on a lot of folks—so many that I barely had time for writing myself. All editing and no creating made Chris a dull boy, and I began to lose the joy or creating.

My ever-supportive wife saw this and told me I needed to quit my day job before I burned out. That was a “big thing,” though. I have three kids in college, and the tuition monster is relentless in hunting me down. How could I quit my day job, keep up with my commitments to the authors I said I would publish, and still stay out of the clutches of the tuition monster?

This is where you come in. By sponsoring me through this page, you help give me the ability to continue writing myself, while continuing to help publish newer authors (including some you may not have heard of--yet), and still win the war against the tuition monster. That's what it's all about--winning the war against the tuition monster. For your part, you’ll get access to a number of things you may not have had access to prior. It’s a win for everyone!

Please take a look at the level of support you can give and the goals I am shooting for. Anything you can do to help win the war against the dreaded tuition monster is greatly appreciated!
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If support reaches the $2,000 goal, I will not only complete “The Progenitors’ War” in calendar year 2018 (as previously promised), but I will also complete the book that follows it, within four months of the release of “The Progenitors’ War.”
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