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is creating Science fiction, post-apocalyptic, and fantasy fiction

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Love me like a $2 cup of coffee. Could be a Dunk's, or a Tim Horton's, but probably not a decent cup from Starbucks. I'm not fussy, so long as I'm caffeinated.

This level doesn't get you anything other than my appreciation, and the knowledge that you're contributing a little extra for my family and I.

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Here's where you start getting the good stuff.

For a dollar more than the cup of coffee level, here's what you get:

  • Access to at least one chapter of a current work in progress per month. More than likely it'll be 2-4 chapters per month. Chapters should be in sequence, but I can't guarantee you'll see the whole book before it's release.
  • You'll be credited in the foreword of my current release on the month that its manuscript is finalized, if your membership here as a patron is in good standing.
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Now, you're on the inside.

  • All of the Trinity Tier stuff
  • Access to behind the scenes notes, drawings, sketches, maps, etc. At least one peek per month. I'm guessing 2-3.
  • Deleted scenes/chapters from prior books with notes about why they got deleted/changed. Probably 1 chapter/passage per month




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Thanks for checking out my Patreon!

I'm Chris, and I write books. I also write short stories, novellas, and shopping lists at least once a week. Some of those books have climbed their way to #1 on Amazon in their genre categories, and one went all the way to #1 in Fiction and Literature.
I've come here to Patreon to give my legion of devoted fans a chance to see my work in progress (before editors, before the printer, before before) and to help support me in the silly career path I'm on.
I'll be sharing chapters of certain books as I write them, excerpts of novellas, maps, drawings, notes, photos, and more. You'll be getting unprecedented access to my process, ahead of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, hell, anywhere.
So please enjoy what I'm sharing, ask questions, integrate and consume all that I've got, and know that I appreciate you all, and can't say thank you enough for the pledge you've made to support my creativity.
$289 of $400 per month
When I get to $400 per month in pledges, I'll write an exclusive short story just for you folks on Patreon.

We'll set up a vote for what you want to see.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 221 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 221 exclusive posts

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