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All patrons get new, exclusive, monthly deep-dive video on a hot topic

TLDR podcast relaunch on iTunes & Soundcloud

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All patrons get exclusive access to an edited, condensed version of TLDR.
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A "Call for Help" Reboot?

Chris will be able to take his show on the road, meeting you at popular geek cons!


Chris has been geeking out with the LockerGnome brand since 1996, but brought his personal passions and interests to YouTube in 2006.


Seattle, WA, USA

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I can't count on clicks - but can I count on you?

Yes, you can easily pledge your monthly support for us right now for:

  • Every patron gets ~60 new, exclusive videos every month
  • Immediate Access to ALL the Bonus Things - Past & Present!!!
  • All TLDR video broadcasts - not just Monday's & Friday's!
  • All Q&A videos - daily insight that you want directly from me!
  • Product Buying Advice personalized for YOU!
  • EXCLUSIVE: Priority attention when you need us to answer YOUR question!

I spend a lot of my time helping other people, and that effort has inspired many throughout the years. You'd imagine those costs are fully covered by relying on ads and sponsorships - but that's no longer a viable model for the kind of thing I've done for you. I happen to have a small team that have been working for me for quite a few years, too - so I'm not just trying to support my own career in helping you, but helping others with their own livelihood. 

I really want to expand my small team to be able to do more of the things that you've always liked and wanted me to do - and that takes a stable source of community that values what I have to offer beyond a fleeting click.

To me, it's not about the total number of subscribers or followers that one might accrue over time - it's about identifying supporters who are truly engaged with the content, products, and/or services I might be able to provide. 

Are you ready to join me & get bonuses right now?

Think about this: the value of the videos I have and will produce may not change for you - but without your patronage, I'm at the whims of a fluctuating ecosystem (having to pay too much attention to numbers that don't imply quality - like view counts, subscriber numbers, advertising rates). 

Most people who find me and follow me throughout the years are interested in my discoveries, my opinions, my passions, my humor (kinda), and my advice. I'm aiming to bolster my ability to deliver all of those things to you - and then some. 

When you pay for a cup of your favorite beverage, it's obviously worth something to you. It doesn't matter how many other people want to buy the same kind of beverage from the same vendor, either. You don't care how many other beverages are sold so long as you get to enjoy your beverage, right? 

Please don't look at these budgetary goals and think to yourself that my value to you is worth less than it was before. You wouldn't walk into a coffee shop and think that the value of your favorite beverage was any less based on the total people who purchased that same beverage. 

You want your favorite people to succeed, no matter how many others care to support them - yes?

At this point, I'm not asking you to believe in a specific project - I'm asking you to believe in me and my continued desire to do what I've been able to do for you over all these days, weeks, months, years. 

If you're ready to help, I'm ready to do more for you...

...and, yes, you can use your PayPal account for convenience!
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