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I create videos that explore the intersection between retro computers and modern hardware.

I've already created videos on:
  • Assembly language programming on the 6502
  • An interview with developer Roger Wagner
  • An Arduino EEPROM programmer
  • Repairing Apple //e and //c logic boards
  • Interfacing a Raspberry Pi with an Apple II
  • How to 3D print an Apple II joystick
  • Turn your Apple II into a Web Server
  • Use an SD Card as a hard drive for your Apple //c
  • Retr0brite your old Apple
I'm planning on creating videos on:
  • Assembly Language for Beginners
  • Using Roger Wagner's HyperDuino Shield
  • Build a 6502-based computer from scratch
  • Interviews with Apple II developers
  • Softalk magazine
How does Patreon work?
  • As a patron, you pledge a certain amount per video that I create. This is a recurring pledge, not a single one-time donation.
  • When I upload a new video to YouTube, I'll also do a new post here on Patreon. Your account will be charged for your pledge amount, and you'll receive an email that there is a new video!
  • I tend to do a new video every 2-4 weeks. But you can set a monthly maximum.
  • You can also explore the "All Posts" feed, where you can post comments, reviews, or suggestions for new videos.
$140.43 of $200 per video
When I reach $200 per episode, I'll invest in a better camera that will let me plug in a real microphone.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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