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Patreon can no longer be the platform I use. I have now been flagged multiple times with the most recent incident having them inform me the ENTIRETY of my page is in violation of their community standards and qualifies as pornography in their eyes.
I have now cleared my entire page and I will be looking for a new platform.

So what is body positivity, to me?
Body positivity is an awful lot of things to different people but I believe at it's base it's a respect for self and others by appreciating bodies as they are and as they can be instead of degrading them for what they are not.

So what is sex positivity?
Sex positivity is an understanding that there is nothing wrong with what pleases you, provided it does not harm someone else or remove their consent. Your sexual rights stop where the next person's begin, but up to that point you have every right to comfortable sexual expression. I extend this to include asexual people as well, whom I feel are often overlooked by the sex positive community.

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