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Content Creation Tips

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Did you just join my team of patrons?! Yes, yes you did. THANK YOU! As an official patron, you'll have access to my patron-only feed with project updates and content creation tips.


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You'll receive a digital illustration from one of my books (JPG), and you'll see my work before anyone else with early access to content, plus all previous rewards.


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You'll receive access to an unpublished piece of writing that is for $5 / month patrons only and access to rough drafts from previous works, plus all previous rewards.

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You get the cred. Seriously, your name will get in the credits in my next book as a huge thank you being on my team, plus all previous rewards.

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At this level, you'll get a signed copy of one of my picture books and access to exclusive coloring pages based on my books (printable PDFs, for use with your classroom, your own children, etc.), p...

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I hope you like surprises, because I'll be sending you a surprise gift box filled with merch and things I picked out for you, plus all previous rewards.