Christian Meditation Podcast is creating reduction of anxiety and promoting spiritual development.

Vote on future scripture/topic

$1 /mo
  • Vote for me to cover a specific scripture/topic in an upcoming episode (not guaranteed)
  • Hint is that it should have a deep message that many people could benefit from
  • Should...

Shoutout in the credits

$5 /mo
  • I will read your name (or someone else's name if you would like)
  • I will wish someone a happy birthday
  • Donate a little more and I'll help you ask someone on a date/dance or something else fun

Personal Live Video Chat for relaxation/meditation

$50 /mo
  • Since I am in grad school this one is more expensive.  Hey, what can I say, I read a lot
  • We can connect via skype or google hangouts to video chat and do an individual/small group meditation