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If you're a magickal being and you wondered why you didn't fit in, felt (or was called) weird, strange, or unusual, or you know you chose NOT to go along with the status quo, or you always believed in magick even though the muggles around you didn't... you knew something was out there... just beyond the veil, but you couldn't quite put it into words, let alone go out there and find out what was tugging on the heartstrings of your Soul... but something in you was relentless and wouldn't let you stop until you found REAL ANSWERS... CONGRATULATIONS. You found your tribe.

Ever since I was a tiny tot in Harlem, NYC in my grandmother's railroad apartment, I could see spirits and entities that were 'otherworldly'. My mother became a Jehovah's Witness when I was 4, which meant my life radically changed and everything outside of the 3rd dimensional reality became 'of the devil.'

Fast forward to the NOW moment... I WOKE UP. My life's work for 13+ years has been to awaken all on the planet who are ready to unfold the Soul and go where no man or woman has gone before...

That's what the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition is all about: FREEDOM... freeing your mind. We have no dogma, no rules, no doctrine. We are not here to tell you what to do or what to think. This school is not about morality, nor is it about the 'best' way to be a Christian Witch. This is a SCHOOL OF REMEMBRANCE.

When you REMEMBER, you wake up. Your path is unique, and I have no desire to tell you how to walk it. I do have a soul urge, mission and impulse to share what I've discovered on the journey....

When I first outed myself as a Christian Witch several years ago, my exit from the broom closet was not without its very distinct challenges... there were precious few resources for my choice and path as a Christian Witch, and even fewer who had chosen to take a stand as a Christian Witch and be seen that I could talk to or connect with. Myths abound about what a Christian Witch is.

Now, years later, thousands from around the globe have taken a stand and are rising up every day to unapologetically claim the spiritual path of one who loves Christ and the Craft (and who don't see any good and valid reason to dispense with either). And so, for us who are Christian Witches, Christo Pagans and any and all other form of integration of Christ and the Craft... THIS IS FOR YOU.

Both this community and its school of remembrance exist for your evolutionary ASCENSION. We choose Magick as the path for that ascension, though there be many paths. If you're looking for resources for the Christian Witch, including how to integrate Christ and the Craft in rituals, prayers, spell work and more, new moon and full moon rituals for the Christian Witch, Bibliomancy and how to use the Bible for spell work, and so much more, YOU'VE ARRIVED AT THE RIGHT PLACE...

It is no accident you're here...

And there is no turning back now that you've discovered what you KNOW.

All that's left is to pursue your soul's calling in a way that honors ALL of who you are, without editing yourself, or attempting to trim away parts of you that are not to other people's liking, or trying to hide or fit in, or ANYTHING that does not honor the FULL IN-LIVING-COLOR AUTHENTIC YOU.

Welcome home.

Blessed be,
KAISI (aka Rev. Valerie Love)

Practicing Christian Witch
Founder of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition

Not sure which level is right for you? Questions about the Enlightenment Circle, the Mystery School, our Retreats or any other questions? Book a Discovery Session with KAISI or a member of our team here
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At 1,000 Patrons we create a home for the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition by purchasing/leasing a building. We're excited about our school's home!!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING AN AMAZING PART OF THIS JOURNEY!!!!
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