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Access to Process Images, Palette Images, Reading Material, and Inspiration. I call these post "Studio Tours" for short. This involves written and visual step-by-steps, tips on brushes, example commission and model contracts, my famous handouts, and many other resources important to this field of study. 

Generous Level: For the Art

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Access to the Entry Level/Studio Tour Rewards.

This is a tier for those of you who would love to support me on my journey as a professional artist. This specifically helps fund my multiple figure painting series, a project that is in the works.

Art Business Level: Podcasts

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Access to the Entry Level/Studio Tour Rewards.

Access to all the Podcasts.
Roughly 10-15 minutes, this tier is all about the business to help you get a leg up on navigating this field as a career. Topics include Strategies for Sustaining, How to Price Your Artwork, Exhibit Prep Tips, Making Good Commission Contracts, Info on Taxes and Retirement for Artists, and so much more. There are almost 40 episodes!



About Christina Grace Mastrangelo

Welcome to my Patreon Page! My name is Christina Grace Mastrangelo and I'm a classically trained realist artist. I paint because it inspires my life, and can’t imagine my days without art!

This is my website:

I also love to teach and mentor artists, so I'm using Patreon as an Educational Platform. I share my knowledge with you through videos, podcasts, step-by-step images, and more.

What you can expect: Your subscription gets you access to the Library, so make sure you scroll through and read the content from the past few years. It all has something to offer. Additionally, each month I create 4 new content-filled posts. These posts are: one new Studio Tour, one new Podcast, one new Video, and one new Mini-Lesson/Exercise. These can be read/watched/listened to at any time. (They usually go out around the third week of the month.) I'll also respond to all comments/questions you may have on each post, so make sure you ask or comment! I'd love to hear from you.


(Tiers are cumulative- you get all the content of the lower tiers INCLUDED in your subscription. You also get access to the library of all those posts when you subscribe.)

Do you want some insights into process of creating work, get advice about the art-life, or see what goes on in the studio? I recommend the "Entry Level" Tier.
This is a great way to see insights into the process and pick up on tips from a living painter. I give a lot of advice in these posts, so if you are penny pinching but still yearn for more information, this tier is for you. It's here you'll see step-by-step images of paintings with commentary, where I break down what I was doing and explain the process, or other tips on the art-life. I even give bonus content, like handouts from my physical classes, including my Drawing/Painting Skill Set & Tool Guide, an example Model Contract, a example Commission Contract, and more! I also include a great art book and close-ups of master works in this post to really make it a great resource. When you sign up for this you get one new post a month, and access to every post I've made in this tier is included.

Are you trying to make your art career work, but are struggling to sustain, or could use some advice? I recommend the Podcast tier. I've learned a lot about survival in this career. It's really hard. That's why I've included this business aspect to the library of options. A lot of graduates struggle with the business knowledge that is necessary to making art into a career. There are strategies on how to maneuver, marketing tips, contracts, info on taking commissions, and more. Sometimes I mix it up and talk about ateliers and other art-related things like preparing for shows. Because Patreon's tiers are cumulative, the "Curiosity Studio Tour" Tier is included when you subscribe. So that means you get access to not only every podcast I've done, but the whole library of the Entry Level posts as well. 

Are you interested in seeing how things are drawn and painted up-close? Join the Video tier. These videos have a vast range of content, giving you an endless library of information to learn from. I set the camera up really close so you can watch me demo painting flowers, figures, portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. I have even mixed a whole palette of flesh colors for you to reference. This is a great supplement to my many in-person workshops- forget how to varnish or make a campitura? Search no further! The answer is here. This is a great option, because you then have access t every video I've done, as well as all the podcasts, and all of the Entry Level studio tours. Your content library is full of options to explore!

Looking for assignments, or some direction on what to do to get better? Look to the Exercise/Mini-Lessons tier. This will get you going on training your eye and developing your skills at home. I describe how to do the exercise in a little lesson, and then it's there for you to do when you have time. There are also exercises that range outside of the atelier, like plein air painting, flower painting, and sketchbook challenges. These exercises help you stay on track to getting better. This tier is great because it complements the video tier, too. Sometimes the exercises go along with the video, sometimes not, but you'll instantly have access to every single exercise, video, podcast, and entry level studio tour in the library. EVERY post will be unlocked- that's a lot of content to explore!!

Do you want personal feedback on your work? The Critique & Mentorship tier is perfect for that. (There's a limited number of spots for this because it's so personalized.) This is a place where you will get to work one-on-one with me to improve your work. Each month you send me your personal project to be critiqued. Your critique can be done over email, or we can meet on video chat for a live-time 1-hour critique or mentorship session. This gives you the opportunity for thorough, personalized feedback, helping you finish your work with direction, confidence, and guidance. It's also great for those who like to work a lot on their own, and only get a critique when they are ready. I have done this with Bargue drawings, master copy paintings, portrait drawings, paintings done from photographs, still life paintings from life, and more. It's wonderful! It's the next-best thing to being in class, and really helpful. Plus you get all the other tiers AND the ENTIRE library of content included- all of the exercises, videos, podcasts, studio tours... the full learning package. 



For $5, you unlock all of these Podcasts:
-Extra Strategies for Hard Times
-Saving for Retirement as an Artist
-The Benefits of Registering as a Small Business
-The End of the Year Report and Why It Matters
-Working Smarter, Not Harder
-How to Survive After Art School
-Tips to Prepare A Successful Art Exhibit
-How to Price your Artwork (there is a formula...)
-Writing a Solid Artist Statement and Bio (with an exercise to help)
-Identifying and Meeting Your Ideal Client
-Creating Supplemental Income (& an Important Instagram Tip)
-Commission Contracts: How to write one, why, and red flags to watch out for!
-Gallery Contracts and Dealing with Galleries
-The Importance of Documentation
-Weird Things That Can Happen When Painting (and how to fix them)
-The Perils of Hiring Models in the Digital Age
-Ateliers and their Differences (Series)
-Tips to Streamline your Success
-Balancing Classical Study and Inspiration
-The Importance of Community
... and more. 

For $15, you unlock all of the Podcasts and all of these Videos: 
-The Sight-Size Still Life Set Up
-Still Life Painting - The Construct (Line) and Wipe Out Method (Mass)
-Still Life Painting - Color and Form
-Still Life Painting - Painting Metal
-Still Life Painting - Painting Cursive on an Old Bottle
-Flower Painting - Painting a David Austin Desdemona Rose - The Wash Drawing
-Flower Painting - Painting a David Austin Desdemona Rose Part 2 - Color
-Flower Painting - Impromptu Painting Set-Up
-Master Copy (Godward) Portrait Painting - Painting the Eye
-Master Copy (Godward) Portrait Painting - Painting the Nose
-Master Copy (Godward) Portrait Painting - Mixing Flesh Colors
-Plein Air Landscape Painting - Materials, Set-Up, How to Mix Greens
-Portrait Painting from Life 
-Portrait Painting from a Photo
-Figure Painting (from my painting Edge of the World)
-Portrait Drawing from a Photo - The Construct 
-Portrait Drawing from a Photo - Values
-Drawing a Realistic Portrait from a Photo Part 1 - Focusing on just the Nose
-Drawing a Realistic Portrait from a Photo Part 2 - Shadows, Halftones, Lips, and Eyes
-Drawing a Realistic Portrait from a Photo Part 3 - Refining, Halftones, and Dimension 
-Drawing a Realistic Portrait from a Photo Part 4 - Finishing and Rendering
-Drawing the Charcoal Portrait (Tools & Rendering) 
-"Tools of the Trade" - How to Lay Out Your Palette
-"Tools of the Trade" - How to Sharpen your Pencil
-All About Varnishing (Why & How-- and what can go wrong and how to fix it!)
-Making a Campitura and Why it’s Important 
... and more!

For $20 you unlock ALL of the above, plus all the Exercises/Mini-Lessons on: 
-Shape Exercises 
-Making a Value Scale with Graphite
-Painting a Hue-Balanced Value Scale
-The Limited Palette Color Chart
-Identifying Hue/Value/Chroma
-Bargue Drawing Part 1 - The Construct
-Bargue Drawing Part 2 - Articulation
-Bargue Drawing Part 3 - Fixing Shapes
-Bargue Drawing Part 4 - Values
-Drawing Eyes - Anatomy
-Drawing the Nose/Chin/Mouth - Anatomy
-Figure Drawing - How to Begin
-Figure Drawing - The Construct
-Figure Drawing - Articulation
-Drawing a Realistic Sight-Size Portrait in Graphite
-Master Copy - Eye Painting Studies
-Master Copy - Vanderpoel Drawing Studies
-Landscape Painting - Mixing Greens
-Flower Painting - Making It Easier
-Building Visual-Muscle Memory
-Portrait Painting - Mixing Flesh Colors 
... and more! 


Unlock the information by subscribing. I strive to make the content on here as helpful as possible. I truly believe this subscription will inspire you and help make you a better artist. There is so much to learn and explore in the library. I hope you'll join us! Access happens immediately after you sign up. Enjoy!


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When our community reaches this goal I will give away an original drawing to a randomly selected Patron! I know we can make this goal!!! Help me by spreading the word about all the content that's available on here and how helpful it is!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 216 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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