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Everyone feels like a kitten sometimes - why not show it loud and proud?!? For a monthly payment of $3, you can become a Kitten in Chubby Kitten's inner circle, and receive a bespoke image of your new kitten status!
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Why settle just for being a Kitten when you can be a Pretty Kitten? Pretty Kittens get much more attention - just look at the internet! When you decide to be pretty, we get so excited that we make you a 4-panel webcomic on your topic of choice! 
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This is it, this is the big one - access to see How to Have a Breakdown and See 12 Countries in 6 Weeks! When you become a Golden Kitten - the prettiest, fluffiest, cutest kitten there is - you gain access to see the unfolding of Chubby Kitten's story. Golden Kittens receive exclusive access to high-quality PDFs of the graphic novel, all in advance of its publication as a physical volume.
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Chubby Kitten is a clumsy, anxious, lovable portly cat who bumbles his way through life in London. Together with his love Kitten Friend, and a myriad of chums, acquaintances and coworkers (all animals, of course!), he navigates awkward and comical situations, all in the search for a deeper understanding of self. 

With both digital artwork and hand drawn and inked comics, Chubby Kitten and Friends is fun, whimsical and touching, all while giving you something your eyes can feast on. 

Although Chubby Kitten and Friends routinely features one-off drawings, sketches and brief webcomics about this fat cat, its main focus is How to Have a Breakdown and Visit 12 Countries in 6 weeks, a long-form graphic novel about emotional collapse, travel, and renewal. Although the graphic novel is nearing completion, it is still in the process of creation, and this is your opportunity to join that journey as it winds its way towards a final destination. 

Chubby Kitten and Friends is drawn by Michael James Erdman, who lives in London with his partner Sam. In his day job, Michael is a Curator of Turkish and Turkic Collections at the British Library. On his time off, however, he lives in this fun fantasy world of grumpy and gregarious animals making the most out of all that London has to offer. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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