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The Cougars
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You will get updated guides every patch with a video on my thoughts on why what is good. 
Coaching Sessions
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I will be giving you a 1 hour (maybe longer) coaching session with Nidalee or any champ you want. This will be on stream so you can have the vod and look over it as many times as you want! I will be going over your progress every single month to make sure you are improving and using  the tips and tricks that I have suggested! 




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About ChumblesProductions

Hi I'm Chumbles. I'm a league of legends content creator. I have been playing since season 2. My main champion is Nidalee. Over the years I have played her in every role with practically every build possible. I also enjoy playing other champs like Rengar, KhaZix, Yasuo etc! 

This patreon is to help me continue to make videos for you guys while being financially stable. I currently make no money from Youtube and this would be my other source of income other than twitch donations and subs. 

I really appreciate anybody that even checks out my channel as it really does mean the world to me. 

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