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All pledge levels provide access to all content on the Patreon page, and go toward the creation of The Church of Earth.  Pledge whatever amount you're comfortable with.

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All pledge levels provide access to all content on the Patreon page, and go toward the creation of The Church of Earth.  Pledge whatever amount you're comfortable with.

per month

All pledge levels provide access to all content on the Patreon page, and go toward the creation of The Church of Earth.  Pledge whatever amount you're comfortable with.

About The Church Of Earth

The Church of Earth is a new religious movement built around the worship of our descendants. Our faith tells us that we will build an amazing world for them. Adhering to the core beliefs of our faith will help us in our task. Our core beliefs are designed to benefit you and those around you. Our core beliefs may change over time in response to the views of our community.

You do not need to share our faith to support our ideology. Our goal is to help every member of our species. Our goal is not to see every member of our species adopt our faith. We believe that some people will choose to adopt our faith when they encounter us and come to understand our purpose, and some people won't.

We equally support either of those choices. What's important to us is seeing people live their lives with a focus on our core beliefs. Our core beliefs are intended to be secular, and to benefit the individual supporting them and the world around them.

Those core beliefs are as follows:
  • Help others and live in a more helpful world
  • Improve yourself and improve the world
  • Consume less and value what you have more

This is about helpfulness.
Everyone appreciates being helped when they need help. This is one of the few things that we all have in common. Helping people is a skill that is hard and we can help each other get better at it. The primary focus of the Church of Earth is helping people learn how to be more helpful.

This creates a more helpful world and a more helpful world is the key to the bright future we need to provide our descendants. 

It's up to individual Helpers to decide when and where they will help people. We won't always agree with the help others decide to offer, and that's OK. The world is full of people who need different kinds of help. We may not always want help, and that's OK. Help must be accepted to have the most impact. Help requires consent.

Building a world where we all choose to help one another more frequently is how we build the best possible world for our descendants. Our faith tells us this will happen even at times when it seems like things are going poorly.

We believe in a brighter, better future for everyone.

The website
The Church of Earth operates a social media platform built to help people help each other. You do not need to be a follower of the Church of Earth faith to use the platform.

This platform is intended to be very different from traditional social media platforms:
  • Every post on the site can be ranked as helpful or not helpful
  • You can only vote on content a certain amount of times per day.
  • The amount of content you can create each day is limited.
  • Accounts are anonymous and the only way to identify people is by how they are viewed by the community.

The beta version of the website can be found here.

The Organization

The Church of Earth intends to be run like other large religious organizations. Our churches will be community centers with a focus on offering free training and workshops. Helpers will go out into the world and help other people as much as they can. We will have missionaries. They will be creatives, tradespeople, project managers, technologists, educators and countless other professions. We will offer post secondary education options across a number of disciplines with an ideological focus on how to help people in a profession. 

The Church of Earth is a cultural moonshot.
It seems implausible that it will succeed but its success will be a significant achievement for our entire species. Your support will allow us to further develop this concept. The Church of Earth will be reliant on donations in the same way as other religions. We will aim for a high level of transparency, hopefully moving eventually towards a democratic approach to organizational management using new technologies.

We intend to take full advantage of all legislative opportunities available to other religious organizations. We will focus our efforts on specific regions once a certain number of helpers are active in a region.

This is not intended to be sarcastic or cynical, but we understand that some people may wish to join us that way. If they sincerely try to help others, regardless of how they do it, they share our faith. Our belief is based around our view of the future, not our shared past and origins. Our intention is to be inclusive to members of other faiths.

We are going to talk about what we think can make the most helpful world possible for all of humanity. Our organization has goals that all members should consider supporting. Our timeframes will be vast: 10 years from now, 50 years from now, 500 years from now. The Church of Earth will be represented on the first missions to send humans to planets beyond our solar system. We will dedicate ourselves to helping that world exist. We will be active, and engaged, and persistent.

Your financial support is important to us. You've never seen anything like this. One person has come up with all of this with no budget or support. Imagine what will happen when we have millions of followers.

We will grow. We will help make this a better world for everyone. You can help us, and if you want you can join us.

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